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No more dumb cards for baby showers!

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Soooo excited to finally be able to talk about what I've been working on at YouTube. Congrats @YouTube!

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If you can spare a few dollars...

These are my husband's tenants in Montana - a hard-working immigrant family deeply involved in their community.
Veronica is recovering from breast cancer, Lorenzo is recovering from a brutal infection, and their young son has asthma.
Each year they collect toys and clothes for a charity in Mexico. On this year's trip, their truck was broken into and all of the items were stolen along with their son's asthma medication.
They have $50k in medical bills now and the hospital is garnishing their wages.

I know we all donate and volunteer and do what we can, but something about helping out a specific family with specific needs... it'll give you the warm fuzzies, I promise :-)

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If nutrition labels were designed to visualize ingredients like this, we would make better choices—as would the manufacturers.

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Could not have been a more serendipitous time to wander past a screen at work playing this scene -


Donate to 314 Action and bring more scientists to the table.

314 Action is the only pro-science organization explicitly created to engage in both advocacy and electoral politics. We are committed to giving voice to scientists, technology professionals, engineers and mathematicians in forming policies to address climate change, STEM education, energy and gun violence.
And, we are the only organization working to give scientists and the STEM community a greater seat at the table by recruiting, training and electing STEM-trained candidates to run for office.

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Fast Company: 6 Things You're Doing That You'll Seriously Regret In 10 Years.

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