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One of our recent patient reviewed us on Google:
"When I went to see Dr. Loc Huynh about 6 months ago, I had many problems - pain, missing front tooth, and row of not well taken care of teeth. Dr. Huynh took his time to know me and understand what I wanted to do. After step by step treatment plan, I now have pain free new set of teeth with nice smile. Considering his unique personality, knowledge, and skills, it seems like being a dentist is Dr. Huynh's life's calling and I felt lucky to have him as a dentist. After all, "Every calling is great when greatly pursued." Not only he taught me what I need to do to take care of my teeth, but I was also able to learn many life changing lessons for overall better health. I found the doctor and the entire staff at Art Dental to be very courteous and helpful. They are professional and show the care and attention needed to take care of their patients. I did not find anything to criticize, and they are way much better than the other dental centers I visited over the years. Most of all, what I found to be convenient and worth choosing this center is the fact that the doctor is able to take care of ALL dental needs in the office, right there. No referral or being sent outside of the office to another endodontist for root canal or oral surgery to remove a tooth if necessary. It is my understanding the doctor does implants as well. I highly appreciated the fact that I did not have to go around for different specialized works that most general dentists don't perform, and all the work that needed to be done was finished right there in the office right away. That saved me a lot of time, energy, and headache. They open their doors for business. Therefore, I firmly believe if someone visits them with an open mind to listen to the doctor and work with the staff, this includes willingness to take care of invoices properly, then I don't believe anybody would have a problem. I highly recommend this office to anyone who wants to get excellent dental care. Ham T"

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