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☛ A Note about Eyelashes... ☚
~*Currently OUT of Stock*~ BUT! I have ordered many, many more! ( 250+ ) And several different styles and colours! I have just ordered them, they are coming from China, so it will be about a month or so before I receive them. Eyelashes will now be default w...

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☛ Eyelashes are: Out of Stock! ☚
☹ Oh no, oh no ! ☹ But no worries! I've purchased more! I just have to wait for them to come in the post... If you have ordered a faceup from me in the last week or two and you have asked for eyelashes - You will be getting a refund for just the eyelash cos...

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My Goal
My goal as a faceup artist: I want to be a business that is large, well-liked and favored, but also stays true to my values, as well as stay human . What does that mean, to be human ? It means that I want to write all my posts, I don't want a computer, or h...

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New Feedback!
Praise for Culur ❤ " I think I found my go-to faceup artist!" "Perfect!! Exactly what I was looking for! She looks fantastic! I love it!" " It was worth every penny and minute spent! I'm super pleased!" - 2/11/14 "Wonderful faceup" - 2/8/14 " I think I'm in...

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☻ ALWAYS open for commission! ☻
Hi all! Just checking in to say there's been some confusion about when I'm open for commission: Always! I know most other faceup artists have slots, or monthly dealios, but I don't! I'm always open!* Please, never hesitate to contacts me; Leilah *There's al...

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Discounted Sculpts
These sculpts are dolls I would like to see in person, therefore I am offering a 10% (of set price) off of these sculpts to see them! SD sculpts: ✦ Supia Rosy / Haeun / Lina ✦ Feeple60 Chloe ✦ Unoa Zero ✦ Soom Dia / Beauty ✦ Crobidoll Soi ✦ Little Monica So...

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☕ Holiday Special! ☕
❅ Special Holiday offers and Packages ! ❅ Hello all! I thought it would be fun to offer some special deals for the holidays! Please enjoy! (If you think you have a super coolio idea, be sure to let me know! At: I am also offering these ...

Hello all!
I have finally opened my faceup shop!
There will be no slots, since I am just opening my shop, I am accepting all that come forth!
Thank you,
Looking forward to Culuring your dolls!
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