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'what makes you smile everyday? ',
question that i heard everytime i passed by,
i smile when i see sky and moon,
i smile when it's raining,
i smile even when i'm under hot sun.
'why? ',
same question again,
i smile when i'm tired,
i smile when i'm depressed,
i smile even if i'm sad.
and again,
i smile when i see kids playing,
i smile when i see couples holding hands,
i smile when i see people laughing happily,
'why did you smile everyday? ',
this time i give the answer,
i smile because i'm glad of what god have gives us,
i smile because i don't want to feel down,
i smile because i love the fact that human lives better
if there is someone to love and be loved,
i quickly smile at everything, for fear of having to cry
because i want to live my life to the fullest
and not having regrets in future
for the beautiful things i've missed in this world..
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Agar ghar se ho masjit dur, to kiu na ek rote hue bacche ko hasaya jai......(P.K.Das)
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