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Behind the scenes at Sexey's School's whole school production of Bugsy Malone

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Headmaster's Weekly Notes - 7 July 2017
only a week to go until the end of term, there is no signs of activity slowing
down in School. This week we held our Year 6 Induction Day, welcoming all of
our new joiners, and this weekend sees our new Y7 boarders entering the houses
for their sleepov...

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Headmaster's Weekly Notes - 30 June 2017
Music and Drama are thriving this week at Sexey’s as set up for the whole
school musical, Bugsy Malone, is currently well underway. I hope to see you
there Wednesday – Friday next week (tickets available at Reception).  This
week has also seen the End...

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Headmaster's Weekly Notes - 16 June 2017
I have been struck this week by the strength of community shown in response to the Grenfell Tower fire in West London. It is a reminder of our shared humanity – a lesson that as a school we will be taking forward into our work around National Refugee Week n...

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Headmaster's Weekly Notes - 09 June 2017
back after what I hope was a restful half term – it does seem quite a long time
ago! Those of
us who did not manage to stay up all night watching the electoral votes coming
in, woke to a very interesting political scene this morning. Commentators ha...

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Headmaster's Weekly Notes - 26 May 2017
From the Headmaster   What a
scorcher of a day for Sports Day! Spirits were high as we processed up to the
Elm Field - our four houses were in fine form singing with gusto the School
Song, building team spirit. It was lovely to see so many parents there in

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Headmaster's Weekly Notes - 19 May 2017
exams started this week, with students taking part in breakfast and lunch
revision clubs and The Sanctuary providing welcome relaxation. Our teachers can
be seen poring over the papers in the break times, and the whole school is
behind those are work...

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Headmaster's Notes - 12 May 2017
your political view, it is hard to be anything other than impressed by the fact
that a person with drive and a vision for change could be elected French
President only a year after starting his own political movement, En Marche. It
is this level of...

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Headmaster's Weekly Notes - 5 May 2017
Although a short week (though this is a long time in politics!),
we have seen much activity in school as we returned from the first of our May
bank holidays. GCSE Art and Spanish students have embarked on their exams and I
commend all of our students for th...

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Headmaster's Weekly Notes - 28 April 2017
tensions rise on the political battlefield both here and across the Channel, we
spoke at Sixth Form assembly this week about the recent French elections and
how this will have an impact on the UK and Brexit. There is so much uncertainty
that it is diffic...
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