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Ming Bentomonsters
all about the bentos for my 2 precious monsters
all about the bentos for my 2 precious monsters

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Rilakkuma Chicken Pie & ASUS Zenbook Flip
I'm sure most of you know that I'm a stay-at-home mum. Even though I do enjoy staying home with my boys, the never ending chores and mundane tasks are not what I enjoy, but I've long came to accept them as part and parcel of my job. Over the years, I've als...

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Pikachu Steamed Bun
Pokemon Go has finally found their way here and we have been busy catching 'em all. It has been a long time since I last played games on my handphone, I much rather spend my free time reading up stuff or watching shows, but this game is surprising rather ad...

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Baymax German Cookie
Sorry, another long absence again, I don't really know what happened, for some reason, I just ended up doing other stuff. I guess I just got used to not blogging, lol. I doubt I will be updating my blog as much anymore from now on, but I will still try to u...

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Hello Kitty & Friends Donuts
Hello!! I'm finally back to dust off the cobwebs from this space, lol. Sorry for the long hiatus, I don't really know why, was just feeling lazy after exams were over, just not motivated to switch on my laptop to update my blog. -_- If you have been followi...

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Batman V Superman Bento
Sorry for the lack of updates again. It's the exam season and revisions with my boys is giving me a headache, lol. At the end of every day, I rather surf the net and do some online shopping, rather than to think of what to update the blog with. I do still h...

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Descendants of the Sun Bento
Have you been chasing the Korean drama, Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) for the past two months too? Sorry, if you are not, you probably won't understand what I'm rambling about in this post, lol. I've been addicted to this drama for the past two months, I us...

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Sleeping Rilakkuma Bento
Exams are coming soon again, time seems to pass so fast, seems like just yesterday the new school term started and we are almost halfway through. I dislike getting my boys to do revisions, they dislike it much more, but it's something we can't avoid and hav...

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Sakura Jelly, mousse & Cheesecake
It's the sakura season again, probably towards the end of it now. How I wished I can be in Japan now. Since I can't go on holiday during this time of the year, I made some sakura desserts instead. First up is sakura jelly, this is actually quite easy to mak...

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Totoro Chiffon Cake Pop
Sorry for the lack of updates, quite slack these days, because I don't feel like turning on my laptop to blog at night. -_- I'm finally going to update another overdue recipe today, Totoro chiffon cake pops. Sorry, keep putting it off as I'm lazy to edit th...

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Gudetama quail eggs & Pizza
Gudetama is still one of my favourite character, so much so that I've bought quite a few items, simply because he is on it. You might have noticed that Gudetama often appears in my food art, this is because he is so easy to make. These are fried quail eggs....
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