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12. Vincible (L’Exo7, Ruoen)
We are easy to find. Go to places where happiness abides.
There we feed. In the places where desire takes people looking to close the gap
between want and have, we offer the final solution. I sifted through the detritus, the plastic cups, opaquely
red, waft...

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11. The Wilderness (The forgotten bars)
The taste was bitter. Still I was surrounded by the aura of
youth, and I looked and though I was seeing again, the boy was still there.
This boy was dead. I had sucked him dry by the banks of the Seine. “How?” I said. How had he brought back my first memory...

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10. Eat the Earth (Forty Nights)
I wandered through the countryside, sleeping in closed wells
and bear dens. Still the smell wafted to me from farms and towns, the children
with their kites flying, dragging the kids souls up. The smell of teenage boys,
their desire unfraught and free. I sm...

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9. The Gods and The Earths (Romani)
I woke up to the stink of garlic. I could feel the rash it
brought up on my neck and cheeks. It was going to be hard to pull a drink with
this kind of complexion, I thought. I traipsed through Pigalle until I found a Japanese tourist
drunk enough not to car...

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8. Death to Suckers (Le Pigallion)
I awoke to purpose. Kill drinkers. First I needed a drink. I
nodded at a middle aged guy with a red cap. His eyes lit up like he’d
discovered the fourth dimension. Nineteen year old dream, staring at him?
Slurrrp. Not that good. Too much realism. Enough to ...

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7. The Earth Groans, I Stake (Jardin de Luxembourg)
Relentless, eternal youth, like my body was cased in
plastic, preserved. An everlasting sheen. No fear. The relentless thirst, and the unfurled talent for
satiating it, the fingers strong as eagle talons, legs and lungs as powerful as
the sky predator’s win...

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6. The Words of the Homeless Prophet (You can buy a forty lots of places. You can drink a forty a lot of places.)
A face, a broad forehead, a flat nose, not attractive except
in the eyes. They see life and they laugh. They see people and they rejoice.
They see me and love. The memory is a recrimination. I recoil from it, “no,” I
say. The people at the next table look o...

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5. To Not Remember (McGlinchey’s)
I gave up on following him. I didn’t mind seeing all the
people die, idiots. I just didn’t like feeling helpless and getting laughed at.
I made my way to a bar dark enough, with the right pinch of bitter discontent, to
be uninspiring to my appetite. McGlinc...

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4. An Elegant Ending (Le Bon on Rittenhouse)
I knew where to find him, as I swiped my way up onto the El
stop at Spring Garden. A train jangled its way into the stop. I got in the
train. A kid sat next to me. “Where you going, baby?” I dropped a stare into
his chest and he added, “You like what you se...
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