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Why are some weeds so beautiful?

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Making child care more affordable and better incentives for getting back to work for working mums is a primary issue for me in this election.
Australia, here’s what had searches for childcare booming today #ausvotes
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Being a scientist myself I am surprised this needs clarification. Terminology is quite important.

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What is this bug and how do i control it? They seems to be all over my tomatoes and fruit as soon add they are ripe.
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Buy the album, donate to bring Cardinal Pell home to face the child abuse commission.

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I concur with Tim Minchin. If hell exists God will have a special place there for Cardinal Pell and any others who prioritise protecting a church over justice for the children abused by their employees.

Come home Cardinal Pell.

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Less than one month to go.

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The pain from Tony Abbot's cuts to science will be felt for years. Help fund a CSIRO radio telescope to remain open.
Save the Mopra Telescope & Map the Milky Way

We have spent the last four years mapping the Southern portion of our Milky Way Galaxy with the Mopra Radio Telescope in Australia. However, due to drastic budget cuts the telescope will be shut down at the end of September, leaving our map unfinished and our knowledge incomplete. Help us finish the survey and make it public, so that we can put the Milky Way on the map

#TeamMopra #Science   #Kickstarter  

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Are you with me?

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Is this really what a compassionate and friendly customs and immigration department looks like?
Armed raids and street stops? It brings into question what kind of people they are recruiting for the job of welcoming people to our great country.
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