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Olaf Danielson
He could be the most interesting man in the world
He could be the most interesting man in the world

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Monkeying Around
FEB 18, 25, 2017 I spent last week on the "freindly island" working on my project, The Birds of St. Martin, French West Indies, a photo guide.   With rare exception it was a great weekwise for weather, I got a nice tan, I drank too much, had a nice visit wi...

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Peckers, Tits, and Hooters
On Thursday I drove to Sheboygan, WI  to see a woman about her pair of great tits, and let me say it here, they really were great tits! I knocked on her door and told her I was there to see her tits and she look out the window and then showed them to me...w...

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Musings from up north
It has been a busy week, all in all, last Friday, I got to be on live on the Weather Channel, although I wanted to plug Hawaii, I didn't get the chance.  I had a Weather Channel interview cancelled due to bad weather months ago when they wanted me live from...

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Quit going Bananas
Well, I went on my second vacation to get away from by big year with my wife, we went to an undisclosed location north of Tampa, Florida for a little sun, visit some friends, and well I did go birding on two days, although one was mostly to chase manatees, ...

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2016, The Year End Final Thoughts
I spent the last few moments of 2016 not in Adak, not in some forest hoping for an owl but at Papagayo, in Club Orient Resort on the French side of St Martin, FWI well out of the ABA area (old or new).   I was dancing in a throng of people initially wearing...

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My trip to Hell and back...The Bad Weather gets revenge
There comes a time when one has to give homage to who is the most powerful, and in this "Bad Weather Big Year" it is the weather that rules Olaf.  I have talked about blizzards, rain, wind, tornadoes, floods, waves, etc etc etc, but until Christmas day thos...

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Conditioner versus Softener,
The waves of mountains and fog!  I like this picture.  I found myself returning to Oregon, and chasing a bird I seemed to never be able to see, at least this year, the brambling. As I believe I already mentioned, I lived for six weeks in Portland in 1991, t...

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Paradise Revisted
Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii December 11-15, 2016 The legendary Pueo, the Hawaiian owl, a subspecies of short-eared owl.  The protector in many Hawaiian legends.  In general, after my sad report from Kaua'i and Maui, things are maybe a little better on the big is...

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Tow Tickets to Paradise B
I have been trying to get this blog out for a few days but have had technical issues.... I went to Neah Bay, WA last week and about an hour after I arrived I spotted my chase bird, a Rustic Bunting, bird 774 for the year, a bird I have seen before and never...

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Seven Islands whose name I can't pronounce
I just submitted my biweekely newspaper article which may be
entitled a Bridge too Far (my editor at the Watertown Public Opinion usually
picks his own and changes mine) and I described my last week in relation to the 1977 movie by the
same name, which desc...
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