Let me see if I can explain how "Internet Startups" work. They make these apparati that draw a box on somebody's computer screen. That person then types words into that box on their screen. Then, the Internet Startup uses some computer codes to copy those words onto somebody else's computer screen, so that other person can then read them.

It's as easy as that. Now, different Internet Startups have different rules governing which screens the words are copied to. The "email companies" require you to type, separately, a list of which people's screens you want your words copied to. The "twitter" internet startup company lets the recipients of the words decide whose words they want copied onto their screens, but in exchange the typers of the words are only given a very tiny box in which they can only squeeze a few words. On The Facebook, the words are copied from one screen to another by mutual agreement of both parties who have a pre-arranged agreement, that can be terminated at any time and by either party, that all of party A's typed words can be copied onto party B's computer screen.

The rules can get kind of esoteric but when you see people using "Internet Startups" what they're inevitably doing is typing some words into a box on their screen, or, more likely, reading words that were typed into such a box by someone else previously.
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