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Ingress Cell Map
The first public map of Ingress regional scoring cells
The first public map of Ingress regional scoring cells

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New/upcoming feature

The Ingress Cell Map API now supports KML as an output format. This will be making its way to the web interface in the next 24hrs.

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It's been a while, but it's time to announce an update!

It's now possible to display multiple cells at once by name. Just separate the cell names by commas, such as this search for AM01-CHARLIE-07, AM01-CHARLIE-02 and AM01-LIMA-01 (San Francisco, Mountain View, and New York):

It seems that searching for some cells directly returns the wrong result. Investigations are underway. If you have any specific examples, please comment on this post.

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We can report that the map now fully supports searching by cell name, for example:

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Proudly announcing the first known map of regional scoring cells!

Thanks to +Brandon Badger's hints, we are happy to announce the immediate availability of an interactive map of cell locations. This map does not show scoring information or do anything else outside the Terms of Service. It's just a list of the names of cells and their outlines.

Please leave any feedback via the G+ link on the website.
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