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Public Communication for Researchers
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My professors’ generation could respond to silliness like creationism with head-scratching bemusement. My students cannot afford that luxury. Instead they must become fierce champions of science in the marketplace of ideas.

During my undergraduate studies I was shocked at the low opinion some of my professors had of the astronomer Carl Sagan. For me his efforts to popularize science were an inspiration, but for them such “outreach” was a diversion. That view makes no sense today.
Our society no longer values the integrity of scientific fact.
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We think grad school should include training in public communication.
Public perception of science affects us all: through the funding we get, the freedom and support to do our work, the policies that shape our lives.

Public Communications for Researchers (PCR) is a professional development program for teaching graduate students how to talk to the public about their research and the nature of science. The program consists of a series of seminars and workshops taught by science journalists, media relations experts, and the Carnegie Science Center. Topics include explaining complexity without being complicated, addressing common misconceptions in science, and understanding your audience's needs, whether they are reporters, government officials, or grandmothers.
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