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I created this google doc character sheet a while back, but kept forgetting to share it. Feel free to make a copy to create characters of your own. Most values are auto-calculated. Would love to get your feedback!

For the spellbook, you have to add the spells manually. Haven't figured out a good way for them to auto-populate.

Also, you can add your own arcana or weapons using the reference tables.

Hey Folks,  I'm a new DM and really want to use FantasyAGE, but I'm not ready (yet) to create my own campaign.  My players don't want to do a modern setting (i.e. not Titansgrave), so I was thinking the easiest adaptations would be from Dragon Age.  

Any suggestions for adapting DAGE campaigns (specifically the ones in Blood of Ferelden) to FAGE?  I know FAGE has 9 abilities to DAGE's 8, but what else would I need to adapt?  Any help, advice, or resources would be MUCH appreciated!!
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