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All the ways you were don't matter anymore
All the ways you were don't matter anymore

Guy on FB: “Atomic Blonde is so far fetched, who would watch this unbelievable show?”
Also guy on FB: feed full of Batman, Dexter and Walking Dead memes

A little bit about ATOMIC BLONDE, which I watched last night:

- Charlize Theron absolutely crushed it in every frame
- One of the most amazing extended action sequences in film history
- The soundtrack picks were incredible
- A genuinely good spy thriller and 80s throwback movie that wasn't up its own ass

- A character death I saw coming not for story reasons, but for casting reasons, and it seemed cliched and shitty (and obvious from the trailer)

Tips on helping and listening to survivors of sexual assault. Useful reading for those who often don't know what to say. (I include myself here.) The links have links, so there's lots of follow-up reading. "Understand that how a survivor responds is complex and varied."

To those who hosted positive discussions of masculinity on International Men’s Day, thank you. I didn’t have the bandwidth to participate, but it meant a lot to see that.

Have some catching up today on #nanowrimo. Time for the ol' writer cliches of coffee, music and determination.

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“'Ragnarok’s' humor and its inclination to not flinch from feeling or bright colors is why it has become an unsurprising hit. But its virtues are tied up most strongly in Hela and Valkyrie. And it would be nice if, going forward, blockbusters realized how much is to be gained by letting women in them be as full of contradictions, flaws, and life as they are."

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This is for +Jeremy Kostiew
Artist: Nikita Orlov

Nanowrimo update: the Etheric rewrite.

I don't remember how much I talked about this before I nuked my old account. This rewrite is very personal. It's significantly more political. It's quite a bit more intense. It may be a little off-putting to some. That's a price I'm willing to pay. It's not intended as pedagogy or screed, but I am pouring a lot more of myself onto the page. Consequently, I hate this first re-draft like fire, because I'm a little spooked by how much it means to me.

Editing is sure to be a blast!
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