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Matthew Gallear
Hello I'm Matt Im a guitar player i listen to punk metal rock ska
Hello I'm Matt Im a guitar player i listen to punk metal rock ska
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Hello i brought a Asus zenpad 10 z300c for my girlfriend as she had one of them bad China tablets so i thought it be a great present to get a good brand that will work right.

Now it's updated to the newest version but it keeps crashing and restarting when using Facebook and some other apps and i cant figure out why

Is there a way to root this and is there a custom recovery and a custom ROM somewhere that will make this better or even a fix for the crash problem 

Are the fonts broken in the new update or are the theme/font pack out of date them selfs as i use type face font pack but they won't set anymore 

so with the nexus 6 i read that there wont be any updates from google anymore but will we still get updates from pure nexus rom and anything new google adds if that possible ?

Does pure Nexus have Omni Style headers not sure where to look to see if it has this in the ROM or not 

Not sure why this is but when I push the power off button and click power off all I get is the reboot option recovery options instead the only way I can turn my phone off at the moment is to go into recovery mode and do it there is this a bug ?

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Just thought I'd share this photo running pure nexus on my nexus 6 with flash kernel best score I've got so far 

New question just installed the new update for pure nexus and it no longer says legacy in the name and I've clicked on a font and clicked the button and the UI restarts but the font won't change 

Hello need some information as it's been along time since I've used a ROM I'm running pure nexus on my nexus 6 with a custom kernel and I want to update the ROM to the new version is there anything I have to do like clearing cache and so on and do I need to install the kernel again at the same time or is it a case of going to the custom recovery installing the zip and that's it 

Another question. I've never messed with custom kernels before I've read you need to make sure your using one that is for you phone model which is obvious really. Is there anything else will any kernel work with pure nexus ROM with my nexus 6 if so what is the best kernel to use 

Haven't used ROMs in awhile so not up to date with all the newer things but this substratum in the ROM feature list it says full support but using a nexus 6 I get the legacy version so no font change or bootscreen change is this due to nexus phones or Android 7.0 was just wondering 
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