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I'm testing out a few things. 
1) Is an ABRF page a good place to commune with ABRF members?
2) Is an ABRF "Community" the best place to commune?

After trying out the new google community it looks like the ABRF Page may be the best place. Why? Because in community all posts go to public. Crazy. I have 16,000 people following me and they sure don't want to listen to me rave about ABRF particulars. They are complaining about that in G+ land so it might change but here on the page I can post to just my ABRF circle.

I'll likely be posting more trivia just to get the feel of how thing show up to different people. Comments always welcome.

Ah, crap. Because I am logged in as a manager I don't have access to my circles so I have to publish this to public or to no one.

G+ really needs to rethink these pages. A group of people ought to be able to post to each other exclusively but allow other people to add themselves without hinderance. What I thought the community groups were going to be.

Dang, and since this "public" that I am publishing to is the ABRF manager public, no one is going to read this.

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Interested in a ABRF protocols web site? We have an experimental version here

Did you know that ABRF is a 503(c) charitable organization and you can donate to us?

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