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Dana Lee Ling
Professor teaching statistics, physical science, ethnobotany on the island of Pohnpei. A runner and a joggler in the evening.
Professor teaching statistics, physical science, ethnobotany on the island of Pohnpei. A runner and a joggler in the evening.

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Invasive species of Paies
The invasive species walk and talk was under essentially clear sunny skies. The walk also included review of some of the plants of campus. On the way north from the classroom I noted Sphagneticola trilobata, Ischaemum polystachyum, Falcataria moluccana, and...

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Floral litmus solutions
In physical science laboratory thirteen the students use floral litmus solutions to determine whether household substances are acids, bases, or neutral. Mandylae pours hot water into her flowers with Iva Nicole and Mayleen Route in the back left The student...

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Ethnogardening clean-up in the rain: role call
A tropical wave in the tropical trough having stalled on top of Pohnpei since the weekend, Thursday was wet, rainy, and if anything colder than Tuesday. Perfect weather for whacking weeds in the garden with a machete. There is a mathematical function wherei...

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Banana patch ethnogardening
Rainy weather for an outdoor work day in ethnobotany is a blessing and an opportunity to sort out the "ohlen/lien" Pohnpei from a more recent generation that shuns the rain and can be found only in air conditioned rooms with smartphones. Regina Moya arrived...

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Running is certainly my addiction. And running apparently has a positive role to play in preventing relapse among recovering substance abuse addicts. Running replaces some of the “feel-good” brain chemicals that are lost during substance abuse withdrawal…

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Monday I showed the Micronesian Seminar video Power Comes in Many Forms . I later learned that about ten months ago the MicSem video library was made available on YouTube, including Power Comes in Many Forms . Wednesday was P = iV and V = iR with appliances...

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Pohnpei native orchid. Unidentified. Dendrobium?
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Fruit failure
Sometimes a lesson plan bears fruit, other times the same lesson plan does not. Last term I experimented with having the students make a "real fruit poster."  Last term the students surprised me with the effort they went to in bringing unusual fruit. This t...

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Founding Day 2017
Founding Day 2017 was conceived as a combined sports and culture day, a first for the college. The theme was "Celebrating Unity Through Sports and Culture." This year Founding Day fell on a Saturday, which placed Rahn en Tiahk on Friday. This moved Founding...

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Akadahn spaghetti: A banana bridge too far
Previous experiments with unusual local flours had focused on dishes that I deemed to have a higher probability of success. Mei niwe breadfruit flour pancakes had a high probability of success and are not an unusual food here on the island. Pancakes and the...
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