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My friend +Jake Knapp published his book Sprint. Jake is on top 5 list of best I have ever worked with. Easily. 

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Friends do not let friends use CNET's

Very scary stuff...

The “Elephant in the Valley" stories of exec women in Silicon Valley #tech on today's #GETBlog w/@EqualityAlice: 

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The #GETblog today: we continue to celebrate Sweden Eng Diversity champions. Powered by #nyteknik & @EqualityAlice. 

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I am proud to announce a new blog on equality. It is the result of a collaboration with Alice Marshall, Ny Teknik and myself, as a sponsor and collaborator, on the behalf of Google.

Our goal? To educate, raise awareness and (for me personally) to learn.

Ny Teknik, a swedish engineering newspaper, is a solid trusted media outlet that has taken the issue of diversity and equality at heart for many years.

Alice is a equality consultant, specializing in the tech industry. She helps companies and public institutions in turning their will to change into concrete, measurable results.

Myself? I am site lead for Google's engineering efforts here in Stockholm, where we focus on pushing innovation the field of internet based communication. I am taking on this journey to learn, because I want my daughters to have the same opportunities I did growing up and for the unique opportunity to build something with Alice and NyTeknik.

We will be posting once a week, we welcome your ideas and contributions through the blog, LinkedIn or Twitter. @slac @equalityalice @nyteknik

Thanks for reading!


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Fog rolling across Vallentunasjön. Under the watchful eyes of the moon.
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I think IoT is a bit of a mess right now. And I like +Tim Panton 's ideas on how to improve on it.

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I built an app and API to search the thousands of videos on the Android, Chrome and Google Developers channels.


Code and docs:

• Read a transcript:
• Get data and transcript for a video:
• Link to a query:
• Find captions that mention SVG for videos with a speaker named Alex:
• Fuzzy matching:
• Date range:
• Views for videos that mention WebRTC:
• Total of all views: 
• Display a chart:

Feedback welcome!

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Aussies. Rock. Hardest.
Photo album from Stockholm 2015.
(PS: Love the +Google Photos  animations for concerts)
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