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Every time you go away, you take a piece of meat with you.
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Your periodic status tree Dave LOL
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They really mean it when they say shocking, some of these are just utterly brutal.
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Well, I found the bumpers I was looking for... I knew it was Paramount. That little jingle, it gets stuck, you know?
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LOL Kyle says it best...
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This oddly gets stuck in my head occasionally.
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There was a post that I reshared that wrongly quoted Jodie Foster. There was only one part of the quote that I agreed with, but I ended up sharing it anyway. It got nine +1's, and only one person really argued against it.

It was a very ideological statement that, after it was pointed out what was wrong with that statement, I strongly regret resharing. When I posted that I had removed the original reshare, I only talked about how it was not a Jodie Foster quote, and nothing about how wrong and ideological the statement was.

I don't know why I felt the need to say that now, so far after I originally posted it, but I thought it was important. Sometimes I've clicked that share option without really giving it enough thought. Hopefully I will do that much less in the future.
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Favorite albums of all time that I can currently think of, no particular order:

Journey -- Escape
Yes -- Fragile
Michael Jackson -- Thriller
Bill Bruford -- Master Strokes
Bee Gees -- Gold
Antonio Carlos Jobim -- Wave
King Crimson -- Red
Mussorgsky -- Pictures at an Exhibition
Stravinsky -- Rite of Spring
Xanadu -- Original Motion Picture Sountrack
Tron -- Original Motion Picture Sountrack
Blade Runner -- Original Motion Picture Sountrack
Madonna -- Like a Prayer
Dionne Warwick -- The Very Best of Dionne
Goldfrapp -- Felt Mountain
Radiohead -- Ok Computer
Paul McCartney -- Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard
Beck -- Morning Phase
David Bowie -- Blackstar
Meshell Ndgeocello -- Plantation Lullabies
Herb Alpert -- Definitive Hits
Seal -- Seal
Sade -- Best of Sade
Cyndi Lauper -- True Colours: The Best of Cyndi Lauper
Steely Dan -- Very Best of Steely Dan
Abba -- Gold
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