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Josh Hudson
Tech junkie. Developer. Operator. Yak Shaving Expert.
Tech junkie. Developer. Operator. Yak Shaving Expert.

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Just stumbled across, which is a pretty slick webapp built with backbone.js for tracking consumer info and price patterns on items you are considering buying.

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Swype Beta 3.26 update gives context prediction. If it's close to as good as Swiftkey I might consider switching back...

I want to love you Gnome Shell, I really do. Just meet me in the middle.

Amazon AWS Cloud Services does not give you access to your SQL Error Logs for your RDS database what?

"Thanks for your feedback.

Currently, Amazon RDS does not provide file system level access. However, we do understand that access to error logs could help our customer trouble shoot issues and are evaluating ways to provide customers access to the content of the error logs. Will update the thread when we have more information to share.


"git add --patch" ....I <3 u

I am reviewing a commit to our project made by +Matt DeBoard to correct PEP8 violations in +Brett Hoerner created a monster.

At the DjangoCon lunch break here in Portland, I totally ran into +Jon Klopfer who I went to college with back at IUPUI. I guess Informatics and Django just go hand-in-hand. #smallworld

+Brett Hoerner Hey man, +Matt DeBoard said you might be interested in grabbing some drinks later tonight. Have you tried out Paddy's yet?
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