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Would be nice if we could get a sole category for cm11 nightlies in this group. So people with older devices can get more relevant posts at first glance... 

Anybody having trouble doing backups with nightlies as of 09.15.? It always stops with error backing up data... Oh n7000 here.

Anybody else getting exchange services error after today's (09.05) cm11 nightly on n7000? 09.04. works great though. 👍

I'm running cm11 14-07-17nightly on my note 1. Looks like there finally a new nightly is in the tube that doesn't fail to build. I tried the 14-08-13 build wich seemed not as stable. Now my question is. Am I still able to just update and wipe cache and dalvik after the update. Or is it needed to do a clean install? Which would take me days to setup my phone back the way it was...

I only get a changelog that gets longer every day. But no update since 13.08. I'm on n7000. Anybody knows why?
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