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Genderfluidity in Virginia Woolf's Orlando
At the center of
Virginia Woolf's Orlando is the issue of gender expression and
gender identity. In the beginning of Orlando , Orlando is a
boy—and quite clearly male-identifying. Orlando is described with
he/him/his pronouns (henceforth referred to as male...

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"Edric Maddock's Speech at Lincoln Castle to the TUC (1910)"
This is an essay that I wrote for my PS 386 class on the differences between the British and American Labour movements. "Thank
you President Haslam! What a great introduction! I think that you
were talking about some other guy, because you definately weren'...

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The Southern Civil Rights and Black Power Movements
Race has always
been a problem in the United States. The fledgling republic nearly
committed genocide against the various Native Americans. Italian,
Irish, and Jewish immigrants were treated with disdain. Chinese
immigrants who helped build the West were op...

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Primeval Elements and the French Revolution as Portrayed by Dickens
Earth. Fire. Water. Air. These were the four original elements recognized by European scientific thought. These powerful, primal elements, exist both as the mundane (cf. drinking water and a campfire) and as the extraordinary (cf. a rising tide and a great ...

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Sethe and Sethe
Central to the story
that Toni Morrison's Beloved is trying to tell is the
relationship that exists between Sethe and the thing that is called
Beloved. As far as Sethe is concerned in the novel, the thing called
Beloved is the ghost of the child that she ki...

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Grief and Politics in Grecian Tragedy
Grief is constantly entangling itself within politics in the tragedies of ancient Greece. From Aeschylus' Oresteia to Sophocles' Oedipus Rex and Antigone to Euripides' Medea, grief created by inter-familial conflicts and struggles weaves itself directly int...

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El mundo y we
El mundo es so vast, And nosotros somos so small. Yet los v ínculos de la humanidad Es today stronger than ever-- For somos semejanzas Be greater than Somos diferencias. For somos valeres-- El valore de somos ciudadas, De somos pueblos, De somos pa ísos, Of...

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