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Brett Dixon
SEO and PPC Professional, Director of DP Online Marketing (DPOM)
SEO and PPC Professional, Director of DP Online Marketing (DPOM)

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Hey +Elisabeth Yates

I received an email confirming my place +1 (and the agenda etc) at the GameOn event ( I actually got 2 emails) In the email it said:

There’s room for you and one other agency colleague, so please use the form below to let us know who’s coming. We’ll then send you a quick email to confirm your place.

But there's no form? How do I tell you who I'm bringing, I'm confused?

We've used all the Game On vouchers we received by email  - when can we have more?

(Why does it always take so long to get vouchers, the quarter starts and it usually takes a few weeks to actually get the physical voucher codes? We don't need physical ones, why can't G generate 50 codes for each agency on day one and email them? We always have clients who miss out because of the lag with vouchers)

Just heard from a new client (ex reach local client) they're now receiving invoices from Yell - either Yell are being a bit cheeky or they've bought Reach Local (seems a bit quick?)

Any ideas?

Hi All

Got our Google Elevators goodies this week whoohoo!

Just a quick question - out of those in the program, who is doing the squared online course?

We're not going to do it as;

A: It's quite costly (even with the discount) and I've heard mixed reviews (unless you have very little existing knowledge)

B: I'm not quite sure what it can offer that we don't already know? I could send a couple of our junior guys on it but seems to be quite costly for staff that possibly don't really need it (managed just fine previously with in house / google training)

What are your thoughts? I kinda don't get it!?

Hi All - I wonder if someone can help me out with a question...

I'm trying to track a form submission as a conversion in AdWords. Now the form doesn't redirect to a thank you page so nowhere to add the conversion code.

Now I know it could be set up as an event in GA and import it from there but my question is:

Is it possible, using Tag manager, to register a conversion based on text appearing on the page: E.G. "Thank you for getting in touch with us" ?

Anyone notice the policy team being more active recently? I've never seen so many client accounts get suspended for policy violations as I have over the last few weeks - most get re-enabled with no changes owing to the policy team cocking it up it seems!

A quick question for you! We regularly take on clients who just for whatever reason fail to install the conversion tracking code / phone call tracking. 

We're big on conversion tracking, we push them hard to get it going but for some, they just never do it (more often than not it's the small firms who don't have the know-how or firms with a web developer that isn't actually a developer who simply can't add the code)

It irks me when they then expect us to make the phone ring more or explain why sales / calls / enquiries have dropped off.

Out of curiosity, how do you approach clients like this? I'm one step away from offloading clients without it as it ultimately leads to them claiming "Adwords doesn't work" or "I didn't get the results I expected" anyway.


Hey all!

Just a quick one - I can't view search queries under Keywords in any of my clients shopping campaigns - anyone have any ideas? 

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What's your cheesy digital #agency name? #PPC #SEO

I'm Fuzzy Starfish. #DPOMNameGame  

Quick question....

What is everyones view of the following statements:

We get special rates from Google to resell AdWords
We have a special relationship with Google and get better ad positioning / performance.
You pay us X per month and we pay Google a proportion for your ad spend and keep the rest to manage the account.
We optimise for clicks - we don't use conversion tracking

All statements a number of our clients have reported when dealing with a number of larger PPC firms. Im just curious as to if you've heard anything similar or what your thoughts on each statement is.

From my perspective, it feels like a lot of sales speak without a lot of care for the actual advertiser. I assume all of the above is permitted when selling AdWords as it's seemingly very common?

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