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Looking for the settings for Ad Blocking in the latest bullhead weekly. Can someone help me out? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Need to turn it off temporarily.

I just switched back to the newly named Android Messages and I believe your app runs smoother than Google's offering. Very impressive. It certainly has better features at this point! 

I've noticed that when I set another default SMS app, Pulse is still updating its internal database and still syncing those apps to the server. Not sure if this is your intent. It's certainly no problem, just seems weird. 

I was going to ask about the status of Double Tap 2 Sleep on status bar and lock screen in the upcoming official build, but I went ahead and flashed the last weekly and I see you guys already added it back in. Superb.

I'm always very pleased to run through the settings or see your update pins. Great development and a great app. I'm especially pleased to see the enter key option! (Haven't tested it yet though)

There are still some quirks (nothing consistent or easily reproducible) with thread ordering, stability in Android M, and messages being incorrectly read or unread, but as far as I can tell the notifications come through like they should and the app is amazingly quick and stable on my Nougat devices. 

I'm trying to work on narrowing down the issue but I keep missing incoming texts from people. I suspect that they're somehow being marked as read without my knowledge, either from a bug dealing with multiple notifications at once, or perhaps if the thread was already open in the app (running in the background).

I'll let you know if I figure out what's going on but I thought I'd put this on your radar in the meantime.

I don't see it on the issue tracker so I'll ask here:

Can we get the option to turn off MMS Group Messages when sending a text to multiple contacts? There are plenty of situations where I don't necessarily need everyone to get replies from everyone else, and it seems like basic texting etiquette to not force that on people. Currently my only option to send a "mass text" is to copy it and send it to each contact individually. 

Just to be clear, there's no point in me using the screen wake feature if I already use Android's built in Ambient Display right? Seems like they do the same thing.

Running the latest test build for bullhead (Dec 11). It's beautiful, so far. Keep doing what you're doing.

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The new reader feature seems to be working well. It didn't pick up a photo from the article but opening and reading the downloaded page was good.
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