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Go! Groen ov

Go! Groen ov (2013-2015)

Go! Groen ov (Go! Green public transport) was a Dutch start-up founded in February 2013 by Arjen Jaarsma, Fadiah Achmadi and Petra van den Boorn. It aimed to become the first fossil free public transport operator in the world.

With a business model completely based on the deployment of full electric buses running on electricity from renewable resources (as solar and wind energy), Go! Groen ov’s first ambition was to participate in tender procedures for five bus concessions in the Netherlands.

During 2013 and 2014, Go! Groen ov developed a clear value proposition for public transport authorities and passengers, carried out extensive market research and had talks with strategic partners as electric bus manufactures and venture capital investors.

In 2015, Go! Groen ov started to work on a bid for the concession Southeast Brabant (200 buses; € 50 million yearly turnover) which includes the city of Eindhoven and it started to prepare for the concession Almere (100+ buses; € 30 million yearly turnover).

In October 2015, Go! Groen ov announced that it would not submit a bid for Southeast Brabant and that Almere would be a more interesting concession due to the foreseen cooperation with the public transport authority (the municipality of Almere).

On 22 December 2015, an announcement followed that Go! Groen ov would downgrade its ambitions due to the lack of financial and human resources. A couple of months later, the three founders concluded that barriers for new market players on the Dutch public transport bus market are increasing and it decided to cancel plans for a restart.

Go! Groen ov in Dutch media:
• April 2014: Go! gaat inschrijven met elektrisch vervoer (Go! will be bidding with electric transport) in OV-Magazine.
• January 2015: Go! Groen ov mikt op Eindhoven (Go! Groen ov aims for Eindhoven) in OV-Magazine.
• March 2015: Nieuw bedrijf mengt zich in strijd om busvervoer (New company joins battle for bus transport) on
• April 2015: Interview with Ruud Hendriks on BNR Nieuwsradio.
• November 2015: Alleen Hermes biedt op Zuidoost-Brabant (Only Hermes bids for Southeast Brabant) in OV-Magazine.
• January 216: Doek valt voor Go! Groen ov (Curtain falls for Go! groen ov) in OV-Magazine.
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