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Brian Kelsay
Geek Dad, Tech tamer, lover of cinnamon, think outside the box sorta guy. Like McGuyver, without the mullet.
Geek Dad, Tech tamer, lover of cinnamon, think outside the box sorta guy. Like McGuyver, without the mullet.

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Players or just GMs?

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Here's a panel by our game con LUGCON. ive been a bit busy to do promo this time. This looks like an interesting panel for you true role players.
Two more days until LUG Con!!  Wowza!

Things are picking up pace everyone. If you are on Facebook share our post with your friends by using the "Link to Post" option. If you are on Twitter do the same. Whoever posted on Reddit I thank you!

We need to reach more players so all the games can happen. We also added a couple of panels

Gaming as Other has joined LUG Con for September
event here ( is doing a Question and Answer session too!
event here (

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There's a little overflow in that 1st one from the High Test Blue Recipe. 2nd one is my pirate flag covering the kegs to keep the light out during fermentation.  3rd is my highly professional Wort Funnel.  I use it to keep the sticky wort from getting on the sides of the keg during pour in.
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How do you explain Shaken?  What about Soaking wounds? The guys get together to talk about adjusting the narrative to support Savage Worlds rules mechanics. 

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Need to get some people together to play this.

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This is great.  I always loved the swedish chef.
It's been a long time since I enjoyed a Most Interesting Man in the World meme. I thought I never would again. But all it took was one Swedish Chef to change all that. Der shoopin flerpty dur.


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I need to play this and learn some more databasery.
Forget the game, just update the database!

I've always ranted that MMORPGs are just thinly veiled layers atop databases. As you grind away, killing pigs in some forest, you're just exchanging your precious life force to update cells in a database.

Tear down the facade and update the database directly. Play mySQLgame!

Go on epic quests with your friends to [ATTACK where row_id = "ORC"], or feel the immense accomplishment when you [LEVEL = LEVEL + 1;].

A nod to +Kyle Kury for digging this up. 

I have conferred w/ Assistant Brewmaster & my beer should be ok now that it is warmer. Holding steady at 70℉. #mrbeer

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My friend and GM Chris is making a holiday bundle offer of his flexible 6d6 system. Check it out and show his wallet some love if you think this would be a system you want to try out.  I've played in 3-4 different settings using 6d6, hosted by Chris and we had a raucous good time, every time.
Be Kind To Your Friends

I know most of you backed the Kickstarter and already have the first batch of PDFs but your friends are missing out. 

Be generous to your friends and tell them about the 6d6 RPG and this never-to-be-repeated offer. Tell them about the fast, simple game mechanics, the diverse range of creatures in the 100 Monster Bestiary and the six distinctive adventures.

Tell them to visit: 

Thank you for sharing.

In the Torchbearer PDF there is a mention of a players deck and they said it is for sale in the Burning Wheel store, but i'm not seeing it. So where do you find it or do you need it? (Stupid spelcheck)
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