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Madz Madaje (BetterCurly)
Kumusta? Follow my curly adventures and stories at BetterCurly@Blogspot :) Vi ses! :)
Kumusta? Follow my curly adventures and stories at BetterCurly@Blogspot :) Vi ses! :)
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The Camera That Can Bring More Joy
Photography is fun and my passion. It's extra special if one can express the same feeling in photographs as trying to capture the beauty of people, places, nature, and things to create good memories. A post shared by Madz M (@bettercurly) on Feb 15, 2017 at...

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+Hillsong Worship's Marty Sampson in One Thing :) One of my most favorite tracks from Open Heaven / River Wild album.

I tasted the world seen more than enough
It's promises fleeting
Of water and wine I emptied the cup
And found myself wanting

But there is a well that never runs dry
The water of life the blood of the vine

Cause all I know is
Everything I have means nothing
Jesus if You're not my one thing
Everything I need right now
All I need is You right now

#Hillsong #worshipsong #Christianmusic #acoustic #lyrics

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Can't get enough of Audrey Assad and her beautiful songs. Have you listened to 'Lament'? Maybe your heart aches for the same words she spoke in this song. I could totally relate to it. It's a good song, I promise.

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Falling in love with sunsets

I am happy to share my second post. Soon I'll be watching my 31st sunset and I'm looking forward to it.

What do I love about sunsets? Its colors and warm tones.
The texture of the sky as the daylight lets go of its brightness; as well as the night waits for the stars to come out. The richness and beauty of changing colors proclaim how
great our Creator is.

#blogpost   #bettercurly   #sunset   #wheninsweden   #birthdayblogpost   #photography   #awesomecreation   #thankGodforsunsets  #giftofsight

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I learned that God does not give mediocre blessings.

Seven days before turning a year older, I am still a work in progress. I believe that the Lord will not stop molding us until we are made in completion according to His divine purpose.

Waiting has always been a part of our journey on earth and it is not easy if patience is your weakness. Yet I am still praying for some of my prayers to get answered. Be it a yes, a no, or wait still from God.

Sharing with you my learning on waiting and appreciating the process.

#faithlife   #bettercurly   #blogpost   #waitandsee   #surprisemeLord   #Bibleverse   #trustinGod   #Godisgood   #Godispurposeful   #nevergiveup  

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My sin was great; Your love was greater
What could separate us now?...
You have no rival, You have no equal
Now and forever God You reign!

Yey, it's October already ^_^ Hillsong Worship will release their latest album in few weeks and one of the tracks is this beautiful song written by Ben Fielding and Brooke Fraser-Ligertwood.

#JESUSCHRIST   #Hillsong   #Worship  

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Madz Madaje (BetterCurly) commented on a post on Blogger.
It's kind of wonderful experience to attend +Hillsong Church Stockholm #SisterhoodUnited   night this week at #Filadelfiakyrkan . Pastor #LucindaDooley   from +Hillsong South Africa  preached about 'Adopting an AUDACIOUS faith'.

A kind of #faith  that is:
Mountain-moving; Giant-slaying; Miracle-building; Walking-on-the-water; and Taking-territory

1 We can't let our inadequacy anchor us.
2 We can't let our hearts hinder us.
3 We can't let lies limit us.
4 We can't let struggle stop us.

Because God is more than enough (Isaiah 46:3-4) thus we should choose to arise and shine.

#thestruggleisreal   #thestrugglewontstopus   #audaciousfaith  
#bettercurly   #blogpost   #wheninsweden   #yeyvacay   #pambihirangpagkakataon  
#girlsnight   #churchevent   #preaching   #WordofGod   #Godissovereign  
#inspirational   #motivational   #encouraging   #powerfulmessage  

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My top 7 Swedish words which are commonly used; very easy to learn and to remember :) Say hi/hello,Good/Great, Thanks, Bye, etc. in Swedish. Also, discover what ' #fika ' is in this #blogpost   :D

#bettercurly   #traveldiaries   #WheninSweden   #yeyvacay   #summer   #learnswedish   #svenska  

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#Weather  : one of the main and necessary topic or ingredient in a typical Swedish conversation.

It's summer season in Sweden and most people are always outside to catch the heat of the sun. But summer here is kind of unpredictable since some days are cloudy or with clear blue sky then windy with little rain; and some are just cold grey days.

Checkout more about my #traveldiaries   #blogpost  while we're in the #summerhouse  in the province :)

#WheninSweden   #bettercurly   #kumustaeuropa   #yeyvacay  

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