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Rebecca Tushnet
Professor, Georgetown Law
Professor, Georgetown Law
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Fowey Harbour, Cornwall
Master Craftsman Gold Box, 500 pieces. Very similar to Optimago (did I read they were related, or is it just that Optimago also has a Gold Box line?).  3/5

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Long Trail, unknown
About 300 pieces.  Vintage, curvy cutting like Penelope--I liked it a lot, though it's showing its age.  3/5.

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Copyright Office issues 1201 report
Available here .  It's a lot to go through, but on first inspection they seem to be trying to address persistent problems, though in the main not by accepting the advice that participants had for them (like scheduling 1201 exemption proposals in a way that ...

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Slightly cooler take on Tam
I will have some more thoughts in Tam in a forthcoming amicus brief arguing that dilution is
unconstitutional.  I think this was about the least harmful affirmance the Court could have written, though for precisely that reason it leaves a lot up for grabs. ...

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Metropolitain, by Linnea Pergola
Liberty, 616 pieces.  A lot of interesting stuff going on here, which made it a bit hard to work out where things went, but that's part of the fun.  4/5

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Moose, unknown (maybe J.K. Straus)
474 pieces. Feels like a Straus puzzle--tight, pretty good condition piecewise. Sometimes it's hard to tell how much colors have faded over time, but here I think it's pretty clear that a bunch of detail has gone, which leaves the puzzler more reliant on pi...

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African Marketplace, Bogart's
584 pieces. A new maker for me--some very delicate protrusions on the whimsies, which were nonetheless in great shape. The cuts lacked the wit of the best Staves, but the difficulty and quality were comparable otherwise.  Really glad to have found them! 7/1...

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The Sacred Egyptian Bean, Dr. Robert J. Thornton
Liberty, 496 pieces.  Another puzzle with big areas of similar colors, and dancers in the petals.  3/5

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Court approves conjoint analysis to determine damages in consumer class action
Morales v. Kraft Foods Group, Inc., 2017 WL 2598556, No. CV14-04387
(C.D. Cal. Jun. 9, 2017) Plaintiffs alleged that they were misled by Kraft’s use of
the term “natural cheese” on its “Natural Cheese Fat Free Shredded Fat Free
Cheddar Cheese,” bringing the...

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Will B&B preclusion become typical?
Buzz Seating, Inc. v. Encore Seating, Inc., No. 16-cv-1131
(S.D. Ohio Jun. 16, 2017) This case suggests that B&B is quite a broad decision, despite some cautionary statements in the Court’s
opinion—you can avoid B&B preclusion if you sell goods other than
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