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Issy Goode
Life and Times of a Student - the LTS blog!
Life and Times of a Student - the LTS blog!

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Review | Gemweyth Sea Glass Jewellery
You may well know that I've recently returned from my annual Christmas in Cornwall, which was absolutely lovely. Whilst on holiday I had the chance to catch up with one of my closest friends, Becky. I've always loved going for walks along the coastline and ...

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Life | 2016
I stumbled upon my Life | 2015 post recently and found it so very strange to read about University. University feels like it was years ago and I guess it is getting to that stage, but to think in May 2015 I was still at university, in my little house in New...

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Life | Counting Down to Cornwall
Counting down to Christmas in Cornwall has been the main thing keeping me going these past few weeks. Work's been challenging and a new role that starts on Monday will top the challenges I've already experienced. I've had one day off since my holiday to Cor...

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Student Life | Is University For You?
Five years ago when my second year of college rolled around we were instantly hit with the pressure of making our minds up about whether university was right for us.  Honestly, at the time I was daunted by the idea of going to university. I was constantly t...

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Life After Graduate | Scarlett - Keele University
My next Graduate to share her story is Scarlett. I only briefly got to know Scarlett during the time we studied at Keele, but I do know that she is an incredibly talented and creative individual who will most definitely lead a successful life. Without furth...

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Journey's End | Eugene - Keele University
My life has felt a bit up in the air recently. Work's been very busy as I've taken hold of more opportunities and new challenges, and my boyfriend's Mum has recently had a hip operation so we've all been chipping in to help out. I've also been making time t...

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Journey's End | Holly - Edge Hill University
My next interviewee is the lovely Holly, who blogs over at Holly Quills And Ivy. Holly studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Edge Hill University and is a huge book lover. In this post, she's reflected on her third and final year at University ...

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Journey's End | Nadia - Keele University
I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's always so interesting to read about the experience of others at university and see how much it differed to your own, but it's more so when you studied at the same University. I got to know the latest student t...

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Things Taylor Swift Forgot to Mention When She Wrote 22
Well, I've been 22 for half a year now and things are only becoming less and less like a Taylor Swift song. You may remember a response I wrote to Taylor Swift's 22 , which you can read here , but I thought I'd go a little further now I'm older and wiser an...

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Life After Graduation | Hannah - Canterbury Christ Church University
It's about time I brought a fellow blogger in on the interview action, so let's kick it off with the lovely Hannah from Suitcase and Sandals who graduated in 2015 with a degree in Religious Studies.  How does it feel to be a graduate?  Bittersweet. I miss u...
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