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Denise Stephenson
Living outside the box.
Living outside the box.

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AT&T Calling
It's that time of year again. You know, when you're fed up with your phone/internet/cable company because your guaranteed low price suddenly doubled, or worse. Oh yeah, you realize, it was a contract. So you look online or open your mail to discover that ne...

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Check out the interview, but also check out the host Toi Thomas. She's a writer working on the art of promoting writers! Thanks, Toi!

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Bouncing Toward Writing: A Beginning
Getting started with writing can be elusive. We believe we want to write. We have ideas for stories. We find a phrase turning over and over in our minds. But somehow, we don’t start. Or we do, and it seems to go nowhere.  This is where the professionals hav...

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Breaking the Rules
Readers are always assuming I'm a germaphobe. Because my first novel, Isolation , revolves around the dangers of bacterial infection and the possibility that simply touching your own face can cause death, it seems like a no brainer. But it's not the case. I...

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It’s All a Blur
He couldn’t get close enough to wolves in the wild to film their social activity, so with a deadline looming, “ he rented domesticated wolves .” This promo on NPR about the making of animal documentaries caught my attention. I’d heard exposes about Animal P...

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Inspiration for Isolation
In my youth I was an idealist. Maybe that’s not that
uncommon, but I lived out my idealism as an activist. When the United Farm
Workers sought better conditions, I boycotted grapes. When I was in college, I
wrote letters to Congress in church-related effort...

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Dystopia: The World Falling Apart*
Notice my title says the world, not a world. For me, dystopias
work best when they are recognizably the world we live in now, altered to become the
future that’s imaginable yet objectionable, frightening. It’s the world we don’t want to occupy. There are al...

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Naming a Press; Becoming a Business
If you self-publish, you need a name for your press. Kind of obvious, right? But what you don’t realize is that like most naming decisions (excluding children, perhaps), the need for the name happens suddenly. It’s not like you weren’t aware you’d need it. ...

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Being a writer is hard enough, deciding how to publish these days is even harder. Read the story of how I decided to self-publish.
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