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Donald, great post.  I work for Gleanster Research ( , which has been disrupting the tech market research model for about 4 years now.  We are expanding our coverage into new areas, but we currently focus on Marketing, Sales, Service and BI.  To me, research should be accessible, credible (survey-based), and unbiased.   We develop reports on "Top Performers" to understand the best practices that make them unique and all of our research is available for free. We do cover vendors, but all vendor rankings are based on user experiences (not analyst opinion) and we cover all vendors regardless of a monetary relationship.  We rank vendors across 4 different areas: Features and Functions, Ease of Use, Service, and Overall Value.   I thoroughly appreciate the work that the "Big 3 Firms" do, and I recognize the fact that they are very valuable.  But I also see a huge opportunity, particularly in the mid-market to expose credible thought leadership for a fraction of the cost.
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