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g suite アカウント配布会場
カラス会のG suiteにお乗りになる方はこちらにならんでください


パスワードは一律 00000000 に設定してあります。





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Simple and useful! #NetworkMeter
Giveaway - Network Speed - Monitoring - Speed Meter

In collaboration with Evozi dev, we are giving away some codes for awesome network speed meter app called Network Speed

Features :
★ Detailed daily data usage statistics
★ Download & upload speed graph
★ Daily traffic usage in notification
★ Monitors your traffic data for the last 30 days
★ Show ping result on floating widget
★ Accurate data usage monitoring
★ Data usage alert
★ Compatible with all types of network (3G ,4G & LTE, WiFi, VPN)
and more! Download now and experience it yourself.

Rules :
👉 Reshare this post with #NetworkMeter
👉 Comment down here

Winners will be announced on next Monday until then keep resharing.

Please buy this app from the link below if you can't wait for results, this app is really useful.
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香港では6GB RAM版もあるっぽい
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Taskerと連携して自動入力とかできる #AutoInput_Giveaway またやってる
[GIVEAWAY] : Win 1/10 codes for AutoInput

You may be wondering if you could turn on Face Unlock just like as the latest Flagship devices . With latest update the developer of AutoInput has made it possible to turn on Face Unlock on any device with Android 7.0 or higher which is as Simple, Fast & Smooth as the latest Flagship devices.

To Unlock the pro version
➡️ Follow +João Dias​​​​​ , +Anubhav Roy​​​​​
➡️ Leave a comment on original post
➡️+1 original post
➡️ Reshare original post with #AutoInput_Giveaway

The dev has demonstrated how to use it in this video:

Checkout the app :
The app is free with an IAP . Do try the app and leave a good rating if you like it. This will help the dev!

Winners to be announced on 6th! Till then keep resharing , spread the word & ATB👍
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Google Pixel 2 XL Android 8.0.0のroot化方法をメモしておきます。
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Sony Mobileは11月9日、Xperia XZ Premium、X Compactなどに11月のセキュリティアップデートを配信開始しました。
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Sony デジタルペーパー DPT-RP1を貸し出していただいたのでレビューします。
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EXPANSYSでXperia XZ Premium Dual G8142の新色、Rossoが販売されています。
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STISpeed 87W充電器 ZH199を購入しました。これまで購入した中で最悪の製品でした。
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