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If people want gay marriage outlawed because it destroys the sanctity of marriage, why isn't divorce illegal? Also, if you've been divorced, you really have no business talking about "The Sanctity of Marriage"

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After 72 days of marriage, Kim Kardashian files for divorce! Yet gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage, huh?
she's already divorced? WOW. What she wasn't getting enough attention being married to the green giant?
Hmmm. You'd think it'd be easier to just make another ass ramming video.
+Jay Daniels being gay is perfectly normal and even a part of the natural order, which is obvious by observing your surroundings. Being gay is not illegal, nor is racism, being nude, or being a whore. If we use your logic, the only "weirdos" that shouldn't be allowed to marry are serial killers. See what I did there?
Except for the sanctity thing, all the arguments against gay marriage are really arguments against government being involved in marriage to begin with.
+Jay Daniels do you think married gay people should be given the same pay as married men or women with families and kids

Since marriage is governed, the same laws should apply whether they are a married gay or hetero.
+Jay Daniels I am nearly 100% certain that the majority of people do not view homosexuality as the same as bestiality. If a married gay person is in the military, then yes, they do deserve the same pay as a married straight person. Anything else would be complete discrimination. How broke the nation is doesn't enter into it in the slightest.

I really hope you're just trolling.
Making divorce illegal is really impractical. However, I will say that doing so would make more people think harder about the consequences of getting married before they do it.
Amen, Shawn, Richard. etc...and Jay...pardon the irony, but what crawled up your ass? A gay soldier with a gleam in his eye and a promise ring? Your odd spout-off smacks of closeted bigotry, as well as ...uh, just plain weird shit, man. Bestiality? For real? "To many"? Or just you?
And fwiw...Gay marriage should be's celebrities that should be forbidden from being able to marry. Yes, I know this would cripple the tabloid industry, but like that bothers me over much...;-)
I certainly support gay marriage and rallied for it in my state, but I'm really not able to get behind the idea of divorce being illegal. Sometimes it is utterly necessary. To me nothing destroys the "sanctity of marriage" like spousal abuse.
+Jay Daniels Wear any mixed fabrics lately? Eat shellfish? Allow a woman to teach you anything? If you're not going to follow the entire bible, don't pick and choose. Otherwise you're just a hypocritical asshole.
If I thought life depicted in the Bible, (including edicts decreeing one must marry their rapist, instructions to soldiers to slice open pregnant womens' bellies or how to enslave a conquered populace, incest, etc.) were a good one to live by, I wouldn't have rejected the thing outright years ago. But on the bright side, I can enjoy my own marriage without being consumed by an irrational fear of/obsession with what gay people are doing.
I also see no mention in any of this of coprophagia, though what comes out of homophobes' mouths is kind of similar, in a way.
I was about to do you get your hair to stand up like that?
If you go by +Jay Daniels logic, anyone that fondles their own genitals would be a faggot and a sinner. I say faggot because I like "F" words, and so does my faggot brother. Thanks.
A troll by any other name is still an ill-mannered lout, boorish, misinformed, and quick to let everyone know...yep - that's you. :)
its trolling. You know everyone in this thread has a complete opposite view than yours, and it went from a basic issue of military regulations/government to pumping out bible quotes. You are not contributing to learn anything, you just simply want to mouth off how you hate gay people and the bible told you so. Anyone that uses the bible for reciting resources has absolutely no credabilty.
nom nom troll got him some crumbs :)
+Hollie W - I could always just ask him how he defines acting "gay" or "like a female" or any of his other gender binary brainwashed drivel. If he had to come up with his own answer through critical thought, and not through what he's been spoon-fed by any other institution of dogmatic delusion, it would be a long, slow starvation guaranteed. ;)
LOL +Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz it would be like watching a snail climb a mountain! :) He would need to explain why a flock of hens without a rooster makes the dominate hen to quit laying, or fish that change sexes, or craw fish that do not have to mate and just clone themselves. I'm sure all of that is covered in "The Book" too :) If we went by his logic, genitals and brain matter should not exist. He is a dying breed of thinkers thankfully. But if he had any clue about nature or even studied anything since human kind started recording events, he would be quick to find that homophobia or anti gay is only a recent type of thinking and only present in the human mind.
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