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Shawn Fry
Computer geek. Web proponent. All around average guy.
Computer geek. Web proponent. All around average guy.

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Beth makes some awesome and very unique accessories. It's well worth checking out.
A few folks at work reminded me today that not everyone realizes I run a small business when I'm not working full time at TWU or part time for +Daryl Howard. You see, I own Wilde Designs, where I sell handmade and vintage stuff. If you ever want something custom or are just curious in general about it, ask away and feel free to check out the FB page at or the site at

It was nice meeting a lot of you yesterday in Denton, +Erica Hunt-Fry and I had a blast. The rain was nice too, kept it from getting too hot, heh.

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This is a difficult one to capture. I've had confirmed sightings of this portal all over the world and it has even been spotted on the moon and on Mars. Unfortunately that's too far away to link to, that would be an epic control field.
I once saw an older guy with a ridiculously long scarf carrying a sofa into that thing. Don't know how he got it to fit. I asked him about it and he just smiled at me and gave me a jelly baby.
It was the darnedest thing- I want to hack get a key and I already had them in my inventory. I suspect they were there all along...

+Brandon Badger 

I've been at work for 30 minutes, and I already wanna go home.

User: Oh yeah I definitely rebooted right before I called.

Me: ;checks internet connection, it lists 3 days;


Man, watching the SF portals change hands at the Cupid's Span event... pretty exciting
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