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Spring deposits are due October 15th and trip balance will be due on February 15th for the SPRING TRIP.  Spring deposits are $575 per person. You can pay with check or credit card (Visa, MC, or AMEX).  Credit cards are run through PayPal so if you want to avoid paying the PayPal fee (2.7%), I can invoice you and you can send it through my e-mail account instead of running it through my card reader.  You can also directly pay through Paypal if you have a Paypal account by selecting "Send money" and then "send money to friends and family" and entering as the e-mail address.  
The June trip I am still working on getting a quote for Icelandair so it remains the same for now. Here is the reservation form for the SPRING trip.  
If I have enough for both trips, I will run them both. I must have all reservations AND deposits by October 15th for the SPRING trip or I cannot make the reservation!  Instructions for making a reservation are on the reservation forms but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  Also, we MUST have 16, currently we have 4, so we're on our way!  Even though the reservations are not due until October 15th, the sooner you get them in the better because then I can give the airline an idea of how many we can expect and if we have 20 they will discount us an additional amount.  
Also, for those of you who did not make it to the info meeting and you would like to know what kinds of "excursions" and tours are offered, there are some listed on the reservation sheet but I am working on making a more comprehensive list of these to post.  Merci beaucoup!
Please let me know if you have questions!

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Woot! Woot! Airfare went DOWN!!! I repeat, AIRFARE WENT DOWNNNNNNNN!!!!
In addition, I was told today that if we book the full 20 they will take an additional $50 off each person's fare! So, that being said, if you refer someone to the trip who makes a reservation I can take $50 off your deposit and theirs!!! That is exciting news!!!

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Elizabeth's "CLEAN" Dirt Cake (with a BONUS Vanilla Pudding recipe)
If you have ever lived in, or are from the Midwest, you KNOW about Dirt Cake.  It's pretty much the Midwest staple dessert for any summer backyard get together.  It's almost as well known as Corn Hole. I'm not sure where it got its name seeing as it is neit...

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Family Breakfast: French Toast made with Sourdough Buttermilk Cinnamon Brioche
My 6 year old son loves to have family breakfast, and I try to do it at least twice a month.  Most of the time I make waffles or pancakes because those are my son's favorites but every once in awhile I will change it up.  I LOVE good French toast, and when ...

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Easy Peasy Frozen Pizza
Whenever I go out of town with the boys and my husband stays home to work, I always stock the freezer with these easy frozen pizzas.  You can use the dough recipe for fresh baked pizzas as well, it's very universal.  These pizzas freeze really well and bake...

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Clean Chocolate Cake with CLEAN Chocolate Buttercream Frosting (NO POWDERED SUGAR)
Cakes.  I have always completely sucked at baking cakes.  That's blunt I know, but I totally suck at it.  Lately though, I have really found the need to really work on my cake baking skills.  The reason is that my older son, who is 6, is Autistic and has so...

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Tuna Burgers
I absolutely LOVE Tuna.  It's a great source of protein and it is super cheap compared to other fish.  You can buy cans of high quality tuna at Costco for a good price.  Some people are worried about tuna consumption because of mercury.  The truth is, you h...
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