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Don't forget to spring ahead on March 10th! 

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Ever launch a mind-blowing (in your mind anyway) social media campaign to deafening silence? According to a YesMail study (CMS Wire, 6/27/12) it could be becauseyouare out of touch with consumersviewing habits. Some sad statistics to consider:

• Facebook campaigns have the highest level of engagement on Tuesdays between 10 p.m. and midnight. When do most marketers launch? NOT on Tuesdays and usually between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
• Least popular Twitter day? Friday. Day most marketers launch their Twitter campaigns? Yes, Friday.
• Most YouTube interactions occur on Monday – the least utilized campaign day.

So, if you want to get the most out of your online campaigns spend the time to find out when and where your targets are spending their online time - and be ready when they get there! How do you decide when to launch your social media campaigns? 

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Happy 4th of July! from IMMG

The latest wave of electronic communications is making your smart phone even smarter. Near Field Communication(NFC) allows mobile phones to collect data from other devices or NFC tags at close range. Common applications are scannable tags,small printed squares filled with abstract patternsthat appear on everything from junk mail to museum displays, and ‘bump’ apps that allow smartphone users to share information by simple tapping their phones together. It seems like the potential for fraud and accidental sharing of personal information is considerable – what do you think? Do you like the ease of waving your smartphone here and there to complete a transaction or do you think the potential for misuse is too great?

What do you think about advertising invading your smartphone? As every form of media is becoming saturated with constant advertising, it’s surprising that more ads aren’t popping up on our phones. Do advertisers fear the consumer backlash of this invasive channel, or have they yet to master effective ads on a 4” screen. With smartphone sales surpassing PC sales, this mobile media market is bound to explode in the coming months. How do you feel about unsolicited ads on your iPhone or Droid – is it the last straw or a mildly annoying eventuality?

Struggling with how to allocate your social media dollars? Our friends at Wordstream have some advice for you: go with Google. According to their findings, Facebook reaches only 51% of all Internet users while Google reaches 90%. There are two primary reasons Facebook falls short; very limited ad formats and their below-average click through rate (.05% vs. Google’s .4%). What do you think - have you had success advertising with FB or Google? Did the return make your efforts worth the expense?

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Quality back links, link farms, bulk links – what does it all mean in a world where search engine optimization is the key to web prosperity?
While the issues that surround back links can be confusing, the idea itself is fairly simple. A back link is a hyperlink from someone else’s webpage back to your webpage. A kind of a virtual nod of the head to you from another website who uses your content as reference, inspiration or just plain likes your site. Sounds like a great idea, a community building network of shared intellectual property all giving credit where credit is due? As with all great ideas, someone decided a shortcut was needed and the era of the ‘link farm’ emerged.

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Local charity DFYIT, Drug Free Youth in Town, has retained Coral Springs, Florida-based IMMG Charity Fundraising to develop new fundraising programs. The company’s first project is a high-quality coupon book developed by IMMG in cooperation with local merchants. DFYIT members will sell the book for $20; with a sales goal of 10,000 the project will provide monetary support and visibility to the charity’s.
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