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Are you aware of the risks associated with using finders and unregistered brokers to help raise capital for investment funds? Fund managers that use unregistered brokers expose themselves to significant legal liability and reputational risk:

If your company has a liquidation preference over-hang, a bonus/carve-out plan may be a viable solution for motivating and retaining your employees:

If your company receives a patent demand letter, do you know how to respond? Take a look at these offensive and defensive tactics:

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Governor Baker vetoed patent reform language in an economic development bill that would have made it easier for companies to defend themselves against so-called "patent trolls." Learn more about the veto here:

Written Information Security Program (WISP): does your company have one? If not, it may need one - learn what's included and why it can be critical:

Selling a business can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reap the rewards for years of efforts spent successfully growing a company, but there are a number of initial steps to be taken to prepare for a successful exit:

Tax considerations in choosing the form of organization for a new business

The TCJA had an impact not only on the corporate tax rate, but also on pass-through entities, carried interest, and more. Are you aware of the major changes?

M&A transactions often require IP due diligence investigations when technology is involved. Understanding the difference between patentability and patent infringement is important to understanding the overall IP position. Learn the difference here:
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