Your #R6300 wireless router with 802.11ac seems to be a nice piece of hardware, but apparently you need to upgrade your software engineers.  The web interface has obvious wild pointers leading to scraps of HTML appearing for dhcp clients that don't send a client name; and the dhcp server is constantly crashing, such that your router stops handing out IP addresses -- and the only solution is to restart the router.  Lame.

Over 20 years ago, I wrote a solution to the problem of crashing servers, which I called "ninit", which was documented in the Unix Haters Handbook[1].  While it might be too much trouble to run valgrind and fix your wild pointer bugs (although I'd suggest doing that before some security hackers use it to seriously embarrass you), could you at least consider automatically restarting daemons when they die?   kthanksbye.

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