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The 3 Drunken Celts
*Never Forget the Funny* We're a whiskey, whisky, and whiskies tasting organization.
*Never Forget the Funny* We're a whiskey, whisky, and whiskies tasting organization.
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It's that time again where uncle Raz starts going on about pre-reg'n for GWW in October and shite.

Camp name: 3 Drunken Celts
Camp Steward: Raz

If you pre-reg and send payment prior to May 31 you get us an additional 100 ft2 of dirt which is nice. Overall the pre-reg is open until Aug. 31. If you don't pre-reg we will not guarantee space for you in camp until you show up and we see what we've got to work with, fair? I opted to drop the dime for the extra 250 ft2 to help with communal space, if anyone else has the extra cash it would be appreciated and all.

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Did Santa miss getting you your very own 3DC log sticker? Fear not, we have stock remaining! Order yours today and start the New Year off right by proudly displaying your 3DC pride:

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Fresh off the presses and just in time for the holidays: our new run of 3DC stickers have arrived!

Order yours today for your car, truck, trapper keeper, laptop, battle shield, buckler, or anything else you want to mark. These are quality, outdoor approved, vinyl laser cut transfer stickers. We only have an initial small run, so get yours before we sell out!
Once you order yours, be sure to share this post with your 3DC friends so they can get theirs too!

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Good gentles of the 3DC, I beseech you to provide your feedback through the survey here

The Three collaborated last evening and would like to garner your varying levels of interest in the following 3 potential focal events for next year:

1. Whiskies of the World on March 31st, 2017 - This event is changing a bit from years past, in that the grand tasting is now moved to Friday evening. The 3DC are keen on attending the tasting, but were also discussing a cocktail tour of San Francisco on that Saturday to make the trip a bit more worthwhile for us all. We'd like to see a raise of hands for the interest level in such a plan.

2. A "you can camp if you want to" event to be held outside of Portland proper on the July 4th weekend, (Tentatively July 1-7), 2017 - This will be hosted at Seamus' property where he can comfortably sleep 2 couples (and many more uncomfortably) in the house, and upwards of 20 tents on the property. The event is initially slated to include at least one day of distillery tours, and possibly our own 3DC/PDXWhisky combined tasting depending on logistics. More details forthcoming as we determine interest which will guide some possibilities... so another raise of hands for the interest level in such a plan.

3. Lastly, we are once again keen to focus on GWW XX October 4-9, 2017 - This would be our 3rd major event of the year, and the one which traditionally reignites the passions in the group. As our own Grand Tasting event, we would like to make this 20th GWW one to remember with not only a large turnout in camp, but a spectacular tasting event yet to be rivaled. We'd like another raise of hands for the interest level and potential commitment to being involved with the tasting planning and execution.

Because we have sent this message through multiple channels, we've created a simple Surveymonkey page to collect your responses quickly and easily. Please use this link to submit your interest levels and other feedback:

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Just posted: Jason reviews the new Norlan Whisky Glass

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Looking for gift ideas this holiday season? Have a whisk(e)y lover in your life and are just flummoxed as to what to get them? We've got THE blog post for you:

Behold, the 2015 3DC Holiday Gift Guide!
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