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In classic G+ you can create a post, add pictures, pin that post, and come back and add/swap/rearrange those pictures. It was called an 'album'.

In the new G+, is there a way to add/swap/rearrange pictures in a post (album) originally created by me? I can't figure out how?

Hello all!  I've been compiling a list of 'skyrim band names' for fun (in my spare time).  You know, like those crazy alternative bands like 'The Waffle Dodgers'.  Anyway, here is a list of band names I came up with which could be touring Skyrim :)  Can you think of any more??

Elder Scroll Resentment
Weeping Jarl
Poker Playing Housecarls
Sadistic Voidsalts 
Olfrid Battle-Born in a Jar
Ubiquitous Bosmer
Maven Deep Friar
Frozen Belethor
Restless Legate Syndrome
Falk Firebeard's Explosive Haitian
Transcendant Noster
Bandit Domino Tournament
Jenassa Builds a Fulcrum
Hadvar's Oat Locusts
Morthal Florist Attrition
Acoustic Nazeem
Argonian Potato Forum
The Pig Children  Aggregation Timeshare
Dwemer Pageantry Discharge
Apocalypse Displeasure 
Sibyl Escape Pod
Horses who Hate
Neighborhood Smelt 
Twirking Brynjolf
Forsworn Antler Envy
Arrow Retrieval Embarrassment
Dawnstar Mulberry Pole
Ice Spike Refreshment Disaster
Markarth Carpenter Stooges
Courier Hatred
The Dovahkiin Eats a Banana
College of Winterhold Abrasion Crabs 
The Dragonborn's Crumbs
Paarthurnax Skooma Hangover
Falmer Ear Fascination
Elisif the Fair's Delinquent Stepson
Gray Mane Utopia Lizard
Alduin Sprocket
Arrow to the Knee Cantelope Delegation 
Sanguine's Ampersand Federation 
Bards College Fraternity Maniacs
Ysolda Sap Deacons
Jurgen Windcaller Jerk Mask
Horker Tusk Fidelity Tar
Mercer Frey Burps a Radish 
Nightengale Woodchuck
Draugr Usher
Alergyic Reaction Shout Catastrophe
Saphire's Polymorphic Bandit Advisory
Sulfuric Delphine
Toeless Giant Corpses
Centurion Dynamo Licorice
Nocturnal Satisfaction Clams
The Fake and the Diamond
Thalmor Sneeze Retarder
Muiri's Transcontinental Overreaction
Karliah Draws a Rhombus
Bone Meal Misunderstanding
Oblivion Crisis Deniers
Assassins Pedicure Euphoria 
Astrid's Supernatural Mud Pack
Windhelm Sphinx Cheese
Glowdust Addiction
Riften Mortification Cog 
Forsworn Layoffs
Torchbug Thorax Segmentation Jingle
Imperial Positron
Bacon Wrapped Vex
Temba Wide-Arm's Indecent Cart Monkey
Redgaurd Nectar Pod
Imperial Legion Donut Roundup
Counterfeit Ectoplasm 
Taproot Insignificance Headache
Acetone Mammoth
Vampire Dust Soda with Lunatic Syrup
Ulfric's Custard Rupture
Encapsulated Breton
Honorable Ice Wraith
Mountain Flower Disillusionment
Oily Ground Evaporation Letdown
Jordis the Sword-Maiden's Corset Surgery
Thalmer Humility Widget
Meridia's Quantum Blowout
OCD Stormcloak
Bedlam Job Postulation Scarves
Whiterun Pharmacy Eels
Lexicon Mangler
Bee in the Jar Pacification Hierarchy
Companion Moon Anxiety
Ivarstead Wombat
Nightshade Pooch Hydrant
Thrice Redoubted
I Swallowed My Shiv
Claw Confusion
Diabela's Pea Dreaming Locality Nard
Obscene Thane
Lead Us to your Chocolate 
Briarheart Lickers
Thieves Guild Corn Boil
Swollen Altmer
Dark Brotherhood Salami
Solitude's Multiplicity Bison
Salt Pile Biscuit Dirge
Mara's Claustrophobic Butler
Dwarven Spider Exhaust
Frostbite Spider Disco Cave
Red Eagle's Faithless Crust Standards 
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