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Homing in on Christmas in July.  We're going to get ready for the holiday season at Organized Christmas!
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what in hell's name are you talking about?
In case you have forgotten Cynthia Ewer, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus NOT just eating drinking parties and presents. Stress my giddy aunt! Get your facts right and worry about going to Church Christmas morning instead and don't use a religious time as just a holiday time! Jesus did not have many presents in his stable! Take a leaf out of the Muslim's book - fasting, prayer and devotion first THEN eating and celebrating! 
You and your 'ORGANISED' Christmas! No wonder people get themselves into debt with people like you talking about Christmas in July! Get a life! 
Alice Nolan--unless you just woke up to the world around you, Christmas is NOT all about the birth of Jesus regardless of your opinion and what you think folks should be doing with their Christmas mornings.
Good thing Jesus loves Alice Nolan, no matter how nasty she acts.
Jesus did not teach Alice how to spell either.  I guess she better complain to Hallmark who bring out most of their Christmas ornaments in July.  She must not have gone to my church for midnight mass - most of the people had over indulged.

And Alice, if you don't like Cynthia's ideas, plans, etc why are you here?  Move on and find some other like (read narrow) minded people.
Alice Nolan, are you truly following Jesus with this vile, dark-hearted, totally unwarranted cruelty?  Or have you fallen into a daemonic possession through the sin of pride?  I can say to many who read your filth, that you only show evidence of the latter!  Christianity FAIL.
How DARE you above, with no name, accuse me of writing 'filth'! Look in the ENGLISH dIctionary  at the definition of the word 'filth' and in no way were any of my comments related. 'Daemonic'???? cannot find this in my English were most probably 'trying to spell .........'.Demonic' . But I will forgive you for this error.....after all you are from the US .....the people who spell centre  - center!!!!!!!  What a load of rubbish or 'garbage' as you yankies like to call it, you write! Neither am I vile or dark-hearted or possess the sin of pride. The truth always hurts ......that is perhaps why you have all taken some of your 'precious' time away from your  'Organised Christmas' to bother to reply in the first place!!!!!
I am WELL AWAKE to the world around me Katharine Thomas! If Christmas is NOT about the birth of Jesus, what's it about? Who are you to preach - are you some kind of religious expert? Or is it just a time for silly people like you on this silly site to get silly people to be unnecessarily 'organised'.
 I was born in Ireland into a very poor family. I seen the sadness and stress my dear old departed mother suffered trying to get just a few presents and food together to make some sort of Christmas for us. Going to Mass on Christmas morning and visiting my father's grave was top priority. Perhaps after reading this you will try to understand why the over-indulgence and the over vulgarity of all the commercial side of Christmas makes me mad. 
But then if you are an atheist in the first place this is a great 'wagon' to jump on to make some fast cash and you will not care about the true meaning of Christmas in the first place!
As a Christian, I say, once again, cheers and I take my hat off to the Muslim, Hindu and Sikh people who get their priorities right!!! Your morals are far above us all!
Michele Levenite , I would like you to point out what was my spelling error. That's good coming from you lot that cannot properly speak the Queen's English in the first place! Card outlets or Hallmark as you like to call it, do NOT here in the United Kingdom, bring out their merchandise or 'ornaments' as you call them, until at least the end of September. They give people time to enjoy the Summer.  
Your little church with the people who had 'over-indulged' is a very small minority - most of us this does not happen to - especially mine here in Middlesex in the United  Kingdom. It would not be tolerated!!!!!!!!!
Finally, to all of you whom I seem to have 'upset' with my comments. I did not mean any harm to anyone,  not to this particular site, but was referring  to similar sites in general. 
We here in the UK  and Ireland,do start on about Christmas, in stores, TV and Websites relatively early, say very late September, early October. Most people going about their business agree and get really fed up with it all.
I see families get into terrible debt and the stress AFTER Christmas is even more!  I do believe that all the advertising and now Websites does not help.
You over there in the US make it a lot bigger that we do here in Europe. Maybe I don't understand it all for you. All your Christmas lighting - well over the top to what we here have even on our famous Oxford Street! And a world shortage of electricity! Don't you agree?

Maybe we should all take a step backwards this Christmas, and think of British Red Cross, and the Red Cross in all countries. Make a donation to these people who do such a great job. Think of all the people in the war-torn countries around us, that the English and American military to not think of when then start their guns firing.........but's that's another subject for another day......I agree. 
I am not an 'evil' person as some of you say, far from it. 
Good luck with your 'organising'. Christmas.
Sorry if I 'offended' anyone - it was not intended. It was most probably the way I worded everything! 
The only thing I have 'organised' so far is a present for my son and my cat!!!!!!!!!
Goodbye...........probably will not be visiting this site again - only stumbled across it by accident while looking for a song!!!!! No offence Cynthia!!!! Happy Christmas to you all!!!!
All right, my friends.  I think it's time that we closed this exchange.

Alice Nolan seems outraged at the very idea of my Web site--but hasn't really looked at it properly.  If she'd done so, she would have see that the work I do there helps people focus their holiday celebration, limit it so that it expresses their values, and avoid debt and over-spending. 

Paradoxically, those appear to be the points she's trying to make.  

Sadly, she didn't bother to look past her assumptions to see the reality.  Had she done so, she might have found agreement where she now sees offense.

Seeing her objections stated in such a personal way is pretty hurtful, but let's just chalk that up to communication style.  That it doesn't reflect well on her religion is a matter for her spiritual advisers.

Bottom line:  the lady is entitled to her opinions.  That she doesn't care to inform them before she expresses them is a shame--but it's not worth another minute of anyone's time.