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Boston, Montreal, Boston, NYC.

Jeremy Lin career High 38 pts!!! 92 to 85 Knicks capped the fucking game!!!!

I am still holding my breath for Jeremy Lin. Yeah he had three double digit score games, but look at the teams (Nets, Jazz, and Wizards). Now he's got attentions, he's gonna get pressures and that's when you separate the great from good. Lakers are definitely gonna treat this kid as a regular instead of a bench, so lets see how he holds up tonight. Fingers crossed.

Stop asking me if any big order is coming in god damnit. In an industry where each project takes an avg of 1 to 3 yrs, if you want big orders now, you should have worked on them two yrs ago before handing me a barren territory. Feel blessed that a genius like me is able to deliver orders in less than 6 months.

I supported NY Giants, but my responsible territory is New England... Hmmm... No football topic with clients today.



I know I've been bitching about living out in the boonie here at New Jersey. But to be fair, I really didn’t give the place a reasonable amount of exploration. So I invited Celine to embark a mini project… for the next 30 days we will drive in a random direction and discover a new place, let it be a new restaurant, a new unique shop, or even a park or landmark. First night: A Mexican restaurant called “Senor Pepper”

Stupid best buy girl don't know the difference between transformer 1 and 2. Got my hope all up until I arrived and realized that Prime wasn't even there. I was ready for a public geekasm too. (cry)

Celine will arrive on the 18th, and my Asus Transformer Prime will come on the 20th. It's going to be a merry merry christmas! Jeeeeyeah!
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