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Crazy Dave Coulthard reports from the Singapore Grand Prix:

Attention fans of wasting a bit of time on a Friday; the entire Sniff Petrol homepage, every ruddy word of it, has been updated.

We've got new Troy, new Carcoat, Ask Eddie Jordan, amazing BMW M5, Lotus helping SAAB, Crazy Dave buying some new trousers and more.

What else do you want? A rapping cat in a baseball cap? Well sorry, Paula Abdul's got custody of him this weekend. You'll have to make do with this drivel instead:

New Schumachers, new MG ad, and Crazy Dave reporting from Monza. All here:

Last month Sniff Petrol celebrated its 10th birthday and to mark this mildly momentous occasion we’re spending this week re-running some classic stories from the Sniff archives, as well as a selection of the much-loved MG Rover adverts:

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New Schumachers, new ad, and DI Blundell reporting on an incident involving Formula 1 coverage:

Sorry, I've been playing around with Google+ for a bit now and I still can't make sense of it. Share? +1? Circles? What the ruddy Jesus are they on about? You can basically see the Emperor's arse, can't you?

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McLaren revises new supercar:

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Sniff Petrol changed his profile photo.
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