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Road Trip of a Writer
It’s all about the journey, my
friend said. No kidding. I had no idea I was embarking on
a huge adventure when my wild imagination leaped from the keyboard onto the screen.  My destination was mapped out
clearly in my mind. I would simply send my riveting (...

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Remembering where I was on 9/11
Never before had I watched 'live' coverage of 9/11. Last night,
I remained glued to the TV. My stomach was knotted with tension and tears fell. It
felt as if it were just happening. Fifteen years ago, at the end of a day of sales calls, I was alone in a hot...

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Eccentric Recluse or Effervescent Extrovert
The summer is ending. I know because my granddaughters
Sophie and Sadie are back in school. Even though heat and humidity totally kill me, I’m entering
the fall season reluctantly. As if I’m being dragged. My heels leaving furrows
in the garden soil. It’s b...

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Speculative Fiction or Reality?
Blood work and mammograms. When I turned fifty, I committed to regular
check-ups. Not to be mistaken with annual check-ups. Patients are now
encouraged to wait eighteen months before visiting their doctors for routine
tests. Tests allowed by the government—...

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Is Your Workplace an Inspiration or Distraction
While waiting for hubby, I stood at the tall window and looked out at the
shrub garden. I miss using this office, I told Marv. I know I said it was too
distracting. I spent more time watching the critters rooting through the mulch
than I did writing fiction...

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When a Rejection is a Blessing
It was evident in the exchange of emails that the editor was losing
patience. I returned the final draft with revisions. The ones I approved. Too
many for my liking. I’d authorized changes that made me uncomfortable. They disguised
my voice, altered my styl...

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Writers Always Write
asked if I still write my blog. The answer is …I’ll try to explain.             For
two or three years, I conscientiously blogged every week—without fail. Mostly I
enjoyed it. Sure there was the odd Sunday night I wanted to crawl under the

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Sons of Anarchy Review...sort of
Bikes, broads, booze, and bedlam. Hubby and I just finished watching the series
Sons of Anarchy. Every night for weeks we were riveted to the TV. Caught up in
the street wars of a highly dysfunctional family and their followers. Lies.
Lies. And more lies. S...

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Traditions and Ritual
Some people think it's fate. My friend calls them magic moments. When things just connect in time. An opportunity of sorts. And everything falls into place. It's the way I felt when... First of all, let me explain. In the October issue of First Monday magaz...

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Writing Break is Over
I’m pulling up my socks—or hoisting my bra straps—for a new season of writing.  In my last post, I said good-bye to my blog for the summer.
I thought I was bidding farewell to my writing but that didn’t happen. It was
silly to think that I could just stop
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