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Stanton Taylor
Wrong again and seldom right.
Wrong again and seldom right.

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I encourage all Trumpeteers to vote #Donald #Trump for Person of the Year. If you're a #Hillary #Clinton fan ( +Phillip Hagger​, I'm thinking of you buddy) you can vote for #Killary one last time.

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We are Trump!

#Trump #Pence #Clinton #Obama

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Locker room banter. Guys do it all the time. Women? They do it too.

#Trump #Hillary #Clinton #Sanders #Obama #Pence

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Once again the #police #kill a citizen. They didn't need to, but they did because they could. You can search for the body cam footage. In it #Tsinging is approaching the cop with scissors in her hand. For this the cop kills her. Judge, jury and executioner. No charges against the cop. He is free to kill again.

I don't wonder why cops are being #ambushed. Are any of you wondering? I have been in this exact situation. I've been in this situation more than once. I've never killed anyone and I've never been killed. I've never shot anyone either. Just because someone is approaching a #cop with a potentially deadly weapon, and even potentially willing to use it as such, doesn't mean a cop may or should shoot and especially shoot to kill. This cop #murdered Tsinging.

I've been threatened with a potentially deadly weapon before and more than once. I was never armed myself. Not with a like weapon and especially not with a gun. I resolved the situation each time by removing myself from the situation. I either backed away or ran away. No one was ever killed!

There were two #Winslow cops. The killer could have backed away. The other cop could have grabbed the hand of Tsinging wielding the scissors. He could have pushed her aside. He could have tackled her. Between the two cops, these supposedly trained #professionals couldn't calm and subdue a much smaller person than themselves?

I'm telling you, the cops are going to have to change first. If they don't more civilians will be killed by them. And as we've seen, some civilians will kill them. Tsinging should not have been shot at. Should not have been killed. Should not have been murdered. She should have been apprehended and taken before a real judge and jury.

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Lil' Marco is jumping on Big Don's bandwagon. He should. Lil' Marco is having a heck of a time finishing ahead of Kasich. C'mon America, vote Trump 2016. Our government hasn't and doesn't represent us the people. Let's change this in 2016.

#Donald #Trump #Ted #Cruz #Marco #Rubio #Kasich

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And this head in the ground attitude is why Gov. Scott Walker would have made a terrible president. Not granting a pardon is one thing, but not even looking at this case and saying no pardon is just ignorant.

I don't claim the innocence of Avery, but I do feel the defense clearly cast a shadow of doubt and as such the verdict should have been not guilty.

#makingamuderer #scottwalker #stevenavery

If only there was a good guy with a gun.....

I'm going to cherry pick one thing out of Obama's speech today. He spoke about a tragedy of a young man's death - how he was not in the wrong place at the wrong time. Obama said, "The kid was exactly where any other kid would be; your kid, my kids." And then gunmen started firing. Then the young man was killed.

I think this statement was a calculated and fabricated statement on Obama's part meant to deceive. Maybe this kid was at a place where his kids would be. What he purposely omitted was that if his kids were there, there would have been good guys - not a good guy, but good guys with guns. Those good guys would have been returning fire at the bad guys with guns. Maybe if there had been good guys with guns there, this young man would not have been shot. Maybe no good guys with or without guns would have been shot.

Obama clearly outlined a situation where a good guy with a gun was needed, and there would have been in spades if indeed his kids were there, but he failed to say that regretfully there wasn't. He is attempting to chip away at our freedoms and rights through unlawful actions. 2017 just can't get here soon enough.

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An on going injustice.

#EthanCouch #Ethan #Couch

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Lt. Col. Peters is spot on calling frickin' Obama a total pussy.

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Sandy Hook families: The weapon that binds us to San Bernardino

All the animosity towards the AR-15 is really misdirected. The AR-15 is an extremely good rifle for just about anything you can use a rifle for; whether your intentions are innocent or not.

An analogy can be made to the Chevrolet small block engine. Born in 1955 - followed three years by the AR-15, well over 100,000,000 have been manufactured by Chevrolet plus countless more by third party manufacturers. Chevrolet last used the engine in new cars in 2003 yet they are still producing brand new copies today with no end in sight. The engine is just that good. It can be used in nearly anything that uses or could use an engine.

An engine never killed anyone, nor has an AR-15. Many, many tragedies have occurred with their use, but conversely many, many more good things have happened with them.

I have favored different sides of the gun control issue at different times, but I'll stand with the 'gun nuts' in the face of the 'gun control nuts'. I fear the threat of tyranny more than anything else. If this nation of ours is free, a primary reason it is is due to the 2nd amendment.

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