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It's a particle zoo!
KUNFAYAKUN (be, become)

Kunfayakun God was unthinkable ...
Both in speed
Both in the form creation process
It was the highest aesthetic value

God Nur ala nur (light above any light) ..
Light speed is 300,000 km / sec ..
The speed of light is equivalent to the speed of the lowest Angels

Angel speed of the lowest in the Qur'an in example 1 angel: 1000 years of human
Imagine the speed that one day the angel Gabriel: 50,000 years of human ... ??

Nur ala Nur Allah, above all light LIGHT
Can we imagine the speed?
Create Gabriel age of the universe is 15 billion light yrs, only 657 years
Earth where we live that 5 billion years old, the 274-year-old Gabriel
We age, the average man of 70 years, for Gabriel was limited 0.0001386 seconds

Maybe we already know what the current neutrino particles
Who supposedly called ghost particles
That supposedly can penetrate any known in this universe
Which is said to exceed speed of light waves

It is said that in the history of Muhammad
We are told about BOUROQ, tremendous speed
Penetrating the sky portal to 7 (highest)
And Muhammad until sidrotul Muntaha
Closest distance to the Light of God above all light
Only with time overnight (less than 12 hours) round-trip
God NUR ala nur .... LIGHT above all light
Can we imagine the speed?

Talk portals, time machine, the worm hole, the prediction of future Science
When humans are able to achieve that at speeds above light
Humans will be able to
old immortal
Penetrate any
Commute can penetrate past history and future
King extraterestrial space ...

Exceed the speed of light can reveal the secrets of destiny
God NUR ala nur .... LIGHT above all light
Can we imagine the speed?
Al the beginning and al the end, the alpha-omega
Can we imagine KUNFAYAKUN HIM?
It is unimaginable

(Wawan. K, 07/20/2014)

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Awesome and important...

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Beautiful day in Santa Monica

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Join us on July 17th as we team up with Virgin Unite to host a not-to-miss Hangout featuring three extraordinary leaders in business and product design. Eric Ries of The Lean Startup and Tim Brown, CEO of the famed design firm IDEO will discuss their respective philosophies and how they can be used by entrepreneurs and creatives alike. In addition, Google Ventures Designer Jake Knapp will provide insight into how these two approaches has helped him reimagine product design for businesses of all kinds ranging from artisan coffee shops to high-tech giants.

Have a question for Eric, Tim or Jake? Please submit them on this page before and during the Hangout and we'll take a look!

The Lean Startup:
Design Thinking:

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