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John Stevenson

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Emacs for everything, even editing web text fields in place
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Join me and hundreds of developers on 21st March to and discover how to get the most out of building apps in the Cloud with Salesforce.

#London #UK

John Stevenson

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I've previously covered how to generate Reveal.js slides using Emacs Org-mode, so you dont have to write HTML and easily structure your talk.  Now I'll show you how to publish your slides using Github pages so you can easily share them with the world.

For examples, talk a look at my Reveal.js slides on Github pages at

Thank you
@pchittum showing AngularForce to help you build #AngularJS apps with @forcedotcom #DevFestUK 
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My first impressions of Ubuntu Gnome, its very nice!  Read on for more details...
Creating great looking slides for browser-based presentations using Reveal.js can be done without coding HTML & JavaScript.  Using Emacs and Org-mode you can write your content in plain text.  Then by adding a few #tags  to the content you can also animate and colour your content for greater effect.  

This article covers all the features of Reveal.js you need to get going to write your own great looking presentations.
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Yes, the Reveal.js + Org-Mode is great, but the effects doesn't play very well with code blocks.

I've used this combination to create a presentation about Incanter ( and all code blocks on the page were shown at once, although I want to show them one-by-one :-(
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A free all day practical workshop where you gain experience creating apps in the cloud.  Join experienced Salesforce developers and create your own apps, whether mobile, social or line of business.

See you on the 21st
Programmers must be able to read the vocabulary, follow the flow, and see the state. Programmers have to create by reacting and create by abstracting. Assume that these are requirements. Given these requirements, how do we redesign programming?

John Stevenson

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Get the most out of the command line using zsh.  Here are some of the features I use every day to make me more productive (and have more fun).

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Good list.

I tried to set up zsh a few weeks ago. The out-of-the-box experience was missing features, iirc, and requires adding them by editing config files and installing plugins.

Then, I tried oh-my-zsh, and that proved to be a much better experience.

So, my recommendation: if a friend says "I want to try zsh", I will say "What you actually mean is 'I want to try oh-my-zsh'". :-)

John Stevenson

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heading to +HackSocNotts hack day - talking about #Git &@github& Creating apps without coding  +HackSoc
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Community developer and coach in lean and agile practices & tools
Emacs, Clojure, Ubuntu, Heroku and
    Community Developer, 2012 - present
  • Atlassian Software Systems
    Atlassian Ambassador, 2012
    Building communities of developers
  • Lean Agile Machine
    Coach & Community Developer
    Coaching teams and individuals with lean and agile techniques, especially Kanban.
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Amsterdam - Newcastle - North Yorkshire
Community developer
As a community developer I organise and speak at a conferences & community events throughout the UK and Europe.   I have helped many technical communities form and continue to guided their growth.  I coach companies and start-ups on how to build effective communities around themselves, including great companies like Salesforce, Heroku, Atlassian, Hindsight and RecWorks.

As a coach I help teams and organisations transition to a lean and more agile approach.  I guide teams through effective use of techniques and technologies to help them increase business value delivered in their projects.  As well as core agile techniques (extreme programming, scrum) I specialise in Kanban, Theory of Constraints and Behaviour Driven Development.

I also speak on the Clojure functional programming language, its tools and build process.

I have been involved with software development for the last two decades and have had a varied career as a developer, consultant and coach to startups and large organisations.

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Cycled 420km in one very long day
  • Newcastle University
    BSc (Hons) Software Engineering
  • University of Life
  • School of hard knocks
  • Kindergarden of getting the * kicked out of you
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