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John Stevenson

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I will be giving an impromptu talk on Clojure Development with Spacemacs (Emacs & CIDER) at tonights London Emacs meetup +Skills Matter

So, as I have been using Spacemacs (in Emacs mode) for most of this year I'll be using Spacemacs, but 95% will be relevant to any usage of Emacs & Cider.

Some of the topics I'll will try cover include:

- Adding the Clojure layer
- Running the REPL & evaluating code
- Running tests & test reports
- Structural editing (smartparens/paredit fun)
- Emacs cool stuff (multiple cursors, kill-ring / visual undo,
- Clojure docs, auto-completion, snippets
- Clojure refactoring with clj-refactor

Thank you

John Stevenson

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CallForPapers is open for ClojureX 2016, the 6th annual conference by the London Clojure community.

We would love to hear from you, no matter your experience with Clojure, Clojurescript or functional programming.

December 2016 we celebrate the sixth birthday of ClojureX, a two-day conference organised by the London Clojurians and SkillsMatter. Previous conferences have included a diverse range of topics and s


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John Stevenson

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We are looking for volunteers for ClojureBridge London to help teach Clojure to those new to programming or developers new to Clojure.

ClojureBridge is a women, trans & non-binary first event, encouraging greater diversity in the Clojure community.

Please volunteer via the Google form linked to from our event page.

Thank you.
Please complete this simple google form to volunteer for this event. We are looking for volunteers of all levels of experience, especially those relatively new to Clojure. Registration for students is not yet available, although you can indicate interest by clicking the "Notify Me" button for this event. ClojureBridge is an event to encourage even more diversity in the Clojure community. It is a safe environment for everyone to come and learn C...

John Stevenson

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Type less & do more with Spacemacs and YASnippets. Its really easy to create your own snippets too, to complement the many already available for each mode / language.
Using yasnippet saves time by avoiding the need to write boilerplate code and minimising other commonly typed content. YASnippet contains mode-specific snippets that expand to anything from a simple

John Stevenson

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Code walk-through of Celebrity Name Smash challenge from London Clojure dojo at Thoughtworks 2016. A realativley simple challenge to take two celebrity names and create weird & wonderful combinations
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As a community developer I organise and speak at a conferences & community events throughout the UK and Europe.   I have helped many technical communities form and continue to guided their growth.  I coach companies and start-ups on how to build effective communities around themselves, including great companies like Salesforce, Heroku, Atlassian, Hindsight and RecWorks.

As a coach I help teams and organisations transition to a lean and more agile approach.  I guide teams through effective use of techniques and technologies to help them increase business value delivered in their projects.  As well as core agile techniques (extreme programming, scrum) I specialise in Kanban, Theory of Constraints and Behaviour Driven Development.

I also speak on the Clojure functional programming language, its tools and build process.

I have been involved with software development for the last two decades and have had a varied career as a developer, consultant and coach to startups and large organisations.

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