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Add Jio to your life - try our brand new all-in-one communication app Jio Chat ( )

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This is ONE thing companies should NOT learn to imitate Apple! 

At work I recently we ordered some apple hardware (Mac Mini, Display adapter, Keyboard & magic mouse)....

At first I was surprised that it was being shipped in 4 separate shipments.. what a waste (though it's free for me.. it's not free for the environment) !

2 Packages arrived today -- and wierd thing is both originate at the same location - so why the @@$%% did they not send it in the same box.

Well the story does not end there - look at the size of the GIANT BOX into which the keyboard was put it.

Talking environment, climate change & sustainability is one thing - but actions that reflect those words are another. Businesses (especially the leaders) and individuals should learn learn to act in consistent with our words & values.
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#OnePlusOne seems pretty cool. Would be great if I can get invited to buy one and try… 

Cant help control my laughter.. I made a Readme1st.txt file and included in a reference pacakge. One junior deeveloper made 2 edits to it and called it Readme3rd.txt  :D

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How I sold ONE ticket

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Your Time is Precious [Podcast] | Jay Goluguri

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My ticket is up for sale as I cant make it. I'm Including 3 FREE EXTRAS! A saving of over $212!

If you are looking to do something over July 4th weekend this is probably where you want to bet!  

You will also have a chance to set a once it a lifetime world record!

More info on how you can get my ticket:

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Announcing IFC6410 - the world first Snapdragon S4 Pro Pico-ITX Single Board computer for embedded applications.  I've always been fascinated with small form factor boards and I'm glad to be part of the launch. In my opinion the awesome power of the Quad-core Krait CPU delivers A15 class performance at just $149! Taking preorders right now and orders ship in May.

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Well PSY is back with 'Gentleman'. I dont understand a word coming out of his mouth... except Gentleman. The video is actually very 'interesting' !

Working launching a brand new Quad-core Pico-ITX SBC Board. Announcement in 10 days in ESC/Design West. 
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