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What's new with me is GOOGLE FUCKING SUCKS. What the HELL?! now to message a friend I have to have a whole page open and devoted exclusively to messages. No more floater? How is the BETTER? It's not. Fuck you Google Seriously. Now I have to have a pop-up to update my status? WHAT the ACTUAL FUCK?! Apparently, Google now subscribes to the random changes just for the sake of changing policy.

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Half a block from my door:
We got off lightly- only three shattered windows at my house, and a whole lot of frayed nerves.

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Shakira is proof that geeks can be hot, AND, pixelated.;)
~ It’s here! The official video for ‪#‎TryEverything‬, Shak’s new song from the #Zootopia movie
~ Ya está aquí! El vídeo oficial de #TryEverything - la nueva canción de Shak del film ‪#‎Zootopia‬ ShakHQ

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Watching the orb weaver in my room create her latest masterpiece. The scientific dogma tells us that spiders are little machines- pre-programed with a set of specific instincts and behaviors which they will perform in entirely predictable patterns from birth until death, but I have watched many orb weavers build webs. I have watched hunting spiders hunt, and I am unconvinced. That logic dictates that a spider will create (or attempt to create,) the same web, over and over, perhaps larger or smaller depending on allotted space,  but essentially the same web. But I have watched this spider (and others,) ponder their webs. Design them. Experiment with different techniques of throwing out strands and knitting them together, of reenforcing different parts of the webs for better structural integrity, with different shapes and lattices.... I have seen them experiment, fail, demolish their work, and start again...  And the webs are not the same web, repeated. No- I really believe there is MUCH more going on in a spider's brain than scientists are willing to credit. I love science, but I get the feeling that often, both individual scientists and science as a community of minds, has difficulty coping with things which they know full well they lack the tools to properly study and understand.  Like languages. We have known for centuries that whales and dolphins sing, and yet, their language was unfathomable to us, and so it was presumed to not exist at all. Dogs bark, birds sing, but it isn't language. Why not? Because we cannot understand it, and we lack the tools as yet to understand it. A creature whose brain we cannot fathom gets relegated to the vast heap of "lesser" animals. I don't believe that anyone with an open, inquisitive mind could possibly watch spiders for any real length of time, and believe they lack reason.

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Just shiftin' some pix over from that Faceplace....
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Google+: Way to not be evil!  Good on ya! 
And it seems like the migration has begun....
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